Interview with Nick Rains

Nick was kind enough to join me and Mark Stothard on a shoot in Lamington National Park. We saw heaps of waterfalls but the best part of the park was closed due to the huge amount of rain they had. Nick has taken over as editor of Better Digital magazine. He is a great bloke and a wealth of knowledge. Mark and I got a tutorial on J.Holmes colour spaces on the walk back. We hiked for 12 kms Mark did it in bare feet. The tracks were pretty muddy so he had his foot spa for the day. Also managed to find 3 leeches too. Funny, Mark is probably one of the most fearless guys I have met but the very mention of leeches reduced him to a quivering mess!! hehe He promised to take me diving with sharks as a payback! Not this little black duck!!!


~ by christianfletcher on June 2, 2009.

7 Responses to “Interview with Nick Rains”

  1. Toughen up Mr Fletcher!!! hehe. Diving with sharks is awesome fun. Done it numerous times.

  2. nup that is just inviting them to have a snack on you. Sort of like driving past a Hungry Jacks and not stopping for a whopper!!

  3. Hmm what song by COG is that?

  4. Ah was flicking through better photoshop mag and realised I was reading a Nick Rains article haha, Nicely put together interview, That songs called are you Interested Sean.

  5. yeah just found it. Also found run which is probably cogs best song.

  6. Cog have heaps of good songs, I met the bass player Luke after my boy drew the guys a picture. He got in contact with me and sent the kids some Cog gear. Then he came into the gallery for a chat, mixing with famous rock stars I am now!!!

  7. hah nice!! they are good, lead singer has good voice, watching there live clips on youtube they are good live too, and nice one Sean other night I was waking up in the night with that song stuck in my head over and over haha.

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