Airlie Beach

airlie 1 There are some serious boats at Airlie Beach. You would expect that having lots of nice islands to sail around. I love boats in photos, I guess they say freedom and escape, things always on my mind. Hope I never have to do a real job!! Light here has been difficult and I have been ending up in the wrong place at the wrong time. That happens when you don’t know an area. Hey two blue pics in a row, no Shade white balance here!!!


~ by christianfletcher on June 3, 2009.

9 Responses to “Airlie Beach”

  1. From the last couple of pics looks like a awesome place to grow some roots …. Another really nice image, right side reflection and cloud really standout for me, seems like you where in the right place for this capture.

  2. Very nice.. I like the format you have cropped this one too as well. Nice blue shots make a good change from all the crazy pinks and reds we always hunt for. Dosent mean you dont want to shoot them though ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. wonderful shot again.
    really beautiful water.
    you really manage to get the most out of your boat images too!
    i really love the one you have hanging up at your dunsborough gallery.
    can’t remember where it’s taken- but i’m sure you know the one ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Sweet.

    That sure is a jumble of boats, or whatever the collective noun is for a group of boats.

  5. LOL Merv – though the term Jumble of of boats may have been more accurate there a year or so ago after some nasty storm action caused quite a lot of damage.

    Airlie…the biggest party town in Australia ! oh the memories from living up there…Did you happen to take the kids to the ‘lagoon’ ? Sheesh at the backpackers (females!) getting about there with not many clothes on !

    Enjoying reading about your trip Christian – though I bet you are enjoying it more !

  6. Hi Christian,
    I left a reply earlier but don’ know if it got through. Coincidence that you are in my home town and I am in W.A! Yes the light can be a bitch in Airlie and Whitsundays! I have cursed it often, I think the sea haze has something to do with it. Patience and time are the key which you don’t have a lot of when travelling. I have just spent 2 months cruising the Kimberley coast as skipper of a commercial cruise boat. Got aout 1000 images of which about 15-20% will be good and I saw so many that i want to come back for!
    If you are in the area for a few days, have a look at my Redbubble site which you can acess through my blog for a couple of ideas. good luck!

  7. Christian, Airlie looks very Caribbean. Great shot. Having grown up in a boat town (Marblehead, MA, USA) it looks quite familiar.

    Quick question, will you be around in WA a year from now? My wife and I will be taking a year sabbatical in Oz and plan to get out that way from the end of May through the first part of June. Any suggestions of where to go would be greatly appreciated.

  8. Me and my sister absolutely love your photography.
    We went to your gallery in Dunsborough, it was brilliant (:
    This is a beautiful photo (:
    Keep it up!

  9. Neal full of tourists and guess what, no galleries!! Can’t believe it, an opportunity going I think. Just need the right location.

    yeah I don’t mind a bit of Blue Matt

    Stephen that is Geographe bay in Quindalup.

    Tony yep spent a couple of mornings there, checking my mail and stuff!!!!!
    Party town all right, just not so much fun when your over 40!!!

    Thanks for the comments everyone.

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