Lake MacKenzie

lake mac This place was fantastic. It is tucked away on Fraser Island. What you don’t see is the hordes of young Swedish backpackers sunning themselves on the beach. Shame they were all blokes and had to be cut out of the shot. There are a serious amount of backpackers on the east coast, more than around Dunsborough. Reminds me of when I was young! Ah the freedom. Stitched pano with the polariser on!!! yes you heard it, it has come out of the bin!! I think it worked because of the clouds in the sky. No problems with the banding. Nick Rains said that CS$ will stitch a blue polarised sky no problems. Will have to try it one day.


~ by christianfletcher on June 3, 2009.

17 Responses to “Lake MacKenzie”

  1. Stunning colours and reflection love the rain forest to the shoreline reminds me of Port Douglas. This ones going to make an awesome large print for the galleries.

  2. Very clean image, love it, so much detail.

  3. Stunning shot as well Christian love the reflection

  4. love the foreground colours

  5. Now that is super sweet. Keep that polarizer out of the bin. Those Queensland skys love a good polarizing.

  6. lovely shot.
    pretty stunning water there!

  7. Beautiful …..and not an Eastway influence in site.

    A yep from me, big time.

  8. awesome… thats one of your best in my eyes! thats gotta go in the gallery.

  9. love the colour of the water, how good are the clouds!

  10. Beautiful clean image Christian ! Love this place and for me is in the top 2 spots or reasons to go to Fraser ! mmm….that water !

  11. Simply stunning, Fletch. Gotta love that aqua water in the foreground!

  12. Stitching with a polariser. Will have to try that, never thought that would work! Like you say, clouds probably helped, reckon a clear blue sky would cause more problems.

    Since I like land, not water, I will have to admit that I would prefer more land, less water here 🙂 Perhaps a bit of that pearly white sand.

  13. Simply Stunning Christian!!! Just love it!!! And hey did you know there is a facebook page dedicated to you??!! Thought you might get a kick outta that!! And before you ask no I didnt start it!!!

  14. Nice serene shot Christian, love the reflections.

    Could possibly do with a couple of bikini clad babes floating in the water just to round of the feeling of paradise 😀

  15. Love it. Miss it. Gorgeous.

  16. its going straight to the pool room Neal!!

    Yeah Matt the old polariser has made a resurgence.

    A yep from Merv means only one thing, I’m getting this photography thing wired! a 9 out of 10 on the Merv meter is like winning lotto! :-0)

    Thanks Stakky and oh so easy!

    Will the Clouds make it. In fact we have had lots of good clouds so far, just too many on the horizon!

    Flemming can you swim?? Nick Rains said stitching with polarised shots in CS4 works perfect. The software blends it all nicely.

    Hi Donelle, yes I do know about that, I must say the subject matter is a little average though!!

    Your right Dave, My wife should have got in the shot, or better still me in a bikini is a sight to see!!

    Tanya, you can’t go back you work for me now, your stuck in Margaret River hell. hehe

  17. I think you had it wired before I came along , but yes you’ve won lotto with this one mate.

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