Daydream Island

daydream Now we are doing it tough. I have always known I enjoy the 5 star shooting trips, now it is confirmed. This is a pretty little island and a perfect way to relax after being on the go for the past month. In fact it is surprisingly cheap. Not a huge amount more than staying in a cabin at a caravan park. But oh so much better. I could get used to this. The moon is almost full so I had to get a shot of some mermaids that had been hanging around all day. The 5D2 loves this stuff.


~ by christianfletcher on June 5, 2009.

12 Responses to “Daydream Island”

  1. Mate you need to relax and recharge, way to go, no leeches there by the sound of it.

    I don’t know how you keep up the pace , you’re a machine, always working ,working ,working.

  2. Merv I just have a desire to produce awesomeness!! hehe. The only leeches here run the resort!! $14.95 for an in house movie, come on!!! Lots more pics to work yet.

  3. loven the shot your comming out with christian im logging on and checking your blogg each day looking good mate
    got your email regarding the karijini workshop will fill it in and send it next week started training too to try and improve my fitness
    mark and i are planning a shoot for monday night under the full moon should be good just been thinking of where to go

    take care mate cant wait to see whats to come mate

  4. not mucking round tonight are you 😛
    really cool image! was this some light painting or just moon reflection?? love whatever it is on the statues!

  5. Christian Fletcher, relaxing?? yeah right!

    Great image…

  6. thanks Phil. Good idea to get training. I am doing the same and want to be able to do lots of gorge hoping come April next year. Enjoy your romantic moonlit shoot with Mark, hehe.

    the light was from a big flood that over lit the whole place. Had to blend two exposures to bring the mermaids detail back. The rest was moonlight.

    Dan I had a swim this morning, after a 2 hour shoot from 5.30 to 7.30. Then a further 1 hour after that. Now replying to blog posts and will work images this arvo and post tonight after the kids go to bed. Pretty relaxing I think!!!
    Man I need a holiday.

  7. Fletch those are some fcuking awesome clouds!
    Sorry to the youngsters about my descriptive language!

  8. Hi Christian

    Been following your trip,great shots wouldn’t mind swapping my job for yours.
    Check out my new Blog sometime.


  9. Really nice, Fletch. Wouldn’t mind knowing some of the exif detail of this one 🙂

  10. This Lee’s favorite CF!



  11. Will have a look Sean

    Beau send me a cheque and I’ll let you have it!!! hehe.

    Lee has good taste Markie!

  12. Awesome clouds, did you have fun with a torch here and paint light onto the statues?

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