First 14 days

This is just something I knocked up for fun, almost ready to do a first 30 day video. It is going too quick. Finally got some nice weather.


~ by christianfletcher on June 5, 2009.

13 Responses to “First 14 days”

  1. Hey CF, there are some nice family shots in that lot and some others as well… haha
    The trip seems to be flying by alright so make the most of the rest of east coast adventure . looking forward to your new photos.
    Cheers Pete.

  2. Very cool… your kids must have a blast on all your trips away. Look forward to seeing what the next 8 weeks have in store for you.

  3. Like the music, nice version of one of my top 5 fav songs.

    i got a smile from your what looked like your daughter being “dragged” thru the rain forest, ” Are we having any fun yet” I’m sure that’s not the case but it gave me a smile.

    Enjoy, these will be great memories in time to come.

    PS I have new images on my blog (:

  4. guys the kids would rather be at home with their friends and toys. This scenery stuff is boring as they keep telling us! Merv the version is by A Perfect Circle and is a very cool take on a classic song.

    Merv will look at your blog, suggest everyone does the same!!! hehe.

  5. great work!
    lovely shots and video. i agree, very nice version of a pretty amazing song.

    is this where we all make comments about new blog posts… 😉

  6. yep Stephen, I don’t mind sharing the love. Everyone go check out Stephens blog, he has a new post……………. I think!! The hard thing is keeping up with them all. Man you can burn some time doing this!

  7. Really amazing well done. Look out Mike! Some stunning imagery in there as well. Gotta say I love the Elephant and Tiger shots very cool stuff. Star Wars credit nice touch:)

  8. Quite a diverse set of great images, not to mention video too. It’s cool to see something different – I really like the tiger and elephant shots as well, maybe because they are a little unexpected from you, but nevertheless they stand alone as great images. The 5D2 is just eating it all up isn’t it. Great to hear some good music along the way too – don’t know why but I was expecting a little John Denver or Willy Nelson from you!! 🙂 🙂

  9. Very cool – fab soundtrack

    Thanks for sharing!

  10. yeah can’t resist the star wars references Neal. Michael doesn’t have much to worry about I think! I like shooting animals, can be creative and fun.

    Muzzy, mate, John Denver would be cool with some heavy guitar riffs !!

    No problems Alexia, thanks for watching.

  11. Oops, my bad – thought I was on Merv’s blog 😉

  12. Great family memorabilia video. Keep up the posts, the last few pics have been great!

  13. Very nice, some great shots in there and lovely family moments, never heard that cover before but that is an awesome version of Imagine.

    Are you doing wide angle stitching now as well? Some of them appear to have more wide angle look than your normal 50mm stitches. Maybe it is just my warped brain 🙂

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