It’s a 5 Star Life for me!

asp daydream 1 Forget your swags, forget your three man dome tents, forget freezing cold mornings, mozzies, camp kitchens, sand in the bed, cold meals, no showers, I am a changed man! I might even sell up everything buy an island, a really small one and retire. I require a little comfort to operate at my peak efficiency.

This is one of our pools on the island, wouldn’t you rather festering in a squatters shack in the bush somewhere???? I didn’t think so. Tomorrow we are off to Whitehaven Beach for beers on the beach, hmmm beer!


~ by christianfletcher on June 6, 2009.

13 Responses to “It’s a 5 Star Life for me!”

  1. haha damn you! guess i have to be a photographer now!

  2. I see you stated “our pool” so does that mean your not coming back, great , thanks for the galleries, Sean and I can certainly look after them

  3. Great night shot, love the yellow in the trees, luckily it wasn’t windy.

  4. Nice… have you showed this to the hotel manager yet? $$ 🙂

  5. Very serene shot, all that space at the bottom would be great for a brochure for the resort 😉

    Glad you are living it tough up there, NOT.

  6. Make sure your Island had plenty of guest houses and a great studio/gallery so we can all come visit.

    Nice shot by the way, how did you get everyone out of the pool …

  7. Nice shot love the blues. Reminds me of our spot in Maui, and some people live like this full time damn … One day 😉

  8. very nice shot.
    love the sky in this one!

  9. nice work, what more could you want! looks very scenic.

  10. Would be a great place…….if there was no one else there!!!!!

    You’ve changed man…what happened to Nimban’s rustic lifestyle?

  11. Really nice and relaxing shot. Is that a bit of your shadow in the foreground? I would someday like to specialise in photographing 5 star resorts in exotic locations so any tips to go with this image? – short star trails but mostly pretty sharp foliage, so layers or long exposure? Liking these night shots a lot.

  12. Stakky, it is a rockstar life!
    Yep Adrian, I’m not coming back, My boy want’s to live on Daydream Island, I told him “ya dreaming”
    Still as Tom.
    Graham, I forgot to before I left. Might have to get a package together and offer it for free accommodation for another trip.
    Dave our island will have a beer shed a hammock and a bit of tin to keep the rain off. Everyone was having dinner I think, add to that the pool isn’t heated and thats the reason.
    We can all hope Neal!
    Nimbin was not my idea of 5 star, the good thing about Daydream is the lack of drug dealers Merv
    No reflection of mine Muzz, must have been the girls in the bikinis

  13. Not for me, doesn’t beat bush camping at Karijini, sleeping on rocks in a $32 tent from Coles !

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