Art Deco

art deco More strolling around Bellingen. This was in the main street and was shot handheld in bright sunlight. A black and white layer blended over the base image gave me the effect I was looking for. Hmmm might just photograph buildings from now on. Goes to show there is an image in just about anything. Again will it sell, nah probably not, but I bloody like it so thats all that matters. We can make our money on blue water and Blue sky. Lashings of the TNFP filter on this one.


~ by christianfletcher on June 9, 2009.

7 Responses to “Art Deco”

  1. Wow you would have thought it was a night shot not a day one. Interesting…

  2. Nup…sorry. The image is ok but I can’t stand Art Deco architecture.

  3. I’m with Matt, never would have guessed it was shot in daylight. Interesting effect, CF.

  4. These ar cool CF, obvioulsy the landscape around Bellingen is that crap you have had to revert to shooting buildings or your simply just too versatile.

  5. Quirky little building – would make a cool gallery for an up-and-coming building photographer. I knew it wasn’t a night shot ‘cos you’d be in bed with warm milk and doo doos after dark. Plus you said you work “dawn to dusk” and I know you’re a man of your word.

    Hope you’re working on some of those online tutorials you mentioned a while ago – you’re freakin’ me out with this “new” stuff. Could get to like it though.

  6. I thought he said he “worked dawn AND dusk”, not TO.


    Nice, it’s a very interesting style that really fits with the sense of Deco. I’d have to say it’s a nice capture and good for a look on the ‘puter, but not something I’d expect many people would want on their walls. And it’s not in pano format 🙂

  7. This is my favourite. I love your photography. U r amazing!

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