churchscape I bet Ken Duncan wished he had thought of this first. Mint shots of Churches to sell to the congregations, I have stumbled onto the next big thing I think. Don’t tell anyone, this is a secret! Now, technical notes. Is this a Brent Pearson inspired nightscape??? Is it the TNFP filter at work??? or is it just bloody amazing, you tell me. Pray you find the path to the truth before it’s too late and you can’t sleep tonight thinking about it. oh dear I think it’s time for my warm milk before doo doo’s (thats what we call bed time, not what your thinking sicko)


~ by christianfletcher on June 9, 2009.

12 Responses to “Churchscape”

  1. Works for me! I’ve got this book but haven’t gotten around to reading it. Reminds me a little of ‘Peters Jesus Saves’ image and your image of the Maritime Museum of yours. Good work.

  2. What happened to the stair shot CF?

  3. KD’s gunna love you, your in!!!

  4. TNFP filter? Pardon an ignorant Yank for asking, but what is it?

    Very interesting shot/effect combo. Looks like some serious vignetting and contrasting on an already excellent shot.

  5. very nice as well.

    so you didn’t get struck down by lightning even being this close to a church? 😉

  6. Sven, it’s an institution, it’s amazing and is beyond belief, wicked in all forms…
    And a t-shirt:)

  7. All,
    I’m glad I wasn’t in a public place when I Googled “TNFP Filter” as everyone would have called the insane asylum as I roared out loud in laughter!

    I’ll be glad to meet any of you over a pint when I get Down Under next year. I’ll be spending a year in Oz from April to March and I welcome any suggestions of where to go and what to shoot. Perhaps I’ll bag a few images with a TBFP filter, who knows

  8. awesome night shots CF

    look forward to seeing more


  9. This IS an interesting shot (in a good way). Is it daylight with X10 ND or what – do tell. Looks great full size – heaps of detail. All part of the evolution of the new CF – scary where it could end up. Next thing you know you’ll be in a muscle shirt dropping out of choppers with beach umbrellas!

    And by the way, I thought I already told you I’m NOT a sicko!

  10. thanks everyone.
    Sven, welcome to the TNFP way of life. It chooses you, you don’t choose it.
    Phil none of these were taken at night.
    Muzz this is a blue sky day shot. Damed you have found out about the chopper!

  11. On second thoughts you’re going to have to get Mike to think of something even better than Peter Lik’s promo video, though I think his use of the Bourne Identity theme will take some beating – even Cog can’t compete with that!! But I’d love to see you do a pi$$-take of it (getting to Vegas could be a problem though).

  12. Us Poms have been using TNFP filters for years. Not sure if it’s the same type though. Probably better. Now I’ve said it!

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