What’s locked inside my Mind

darkness This photo has struck a cord with me. Probably sums up my personality. A little dark, but fuzzy and warm at the same time, like a pussy cat with an attitude, not scary enough to be a problem. This was shot handheld into an old building in the backstreets of Bellingen. Pretty cool what you can get walking the streets. Not to mention getting arrested! Sorry Merv I know this is way too dark for you. You need to listen to some of my music, will get you in the mood.


~ by christianfletcher on June 9, 2009.

12 Responses to “What’s locked inside my Mind”

  1. Nice pic Christian. You need to add ‘ed’ after lock in the heading!!

    That should make some ‘lite’ work of the heading!!!



  2. hehe Mark, you got me. Private joke everyone, but a goodie! Glad you like it mate, I got a kick out of doing it and I can see a new direction looming. Ah the photos like you could get in the backstreets of India, Italy or France. Rich pickings mate. Would it sell, thats another matter.

  3. Cog isnt dark… but i like the shot

  4. This is brilliant… very arty farty. That red is stunning.

  5. Believe it or not I like it. I said like, not love, but i quite like “street photography”, it’s another dimension.

    I like the idea of another direction as well because I know you would come up with some very interesting and unusual shots.

    Can’t really get into COG though, but Eskimo Joe is fine by me.

  6. really unique shot.
    i quite like it too

  7. Wow, now that’s different. Discordant, a real juxtaposition between the warmth of the walls but the stark coldness of the floor and back wall. Like you say, warm but a bit sinister. Makes me think of a brothel (well, you know, like one might imagine a brothel to be) – am I allowed to say that? I reckon it would look really interesting and painterly softened up a bit.

    Not sure what’s locked in your mind, and not sure if you should be trying to let it out!! But could easily look at more of this style. Hey, and you don’t need to remember your tripod for this!

  8. Looks like a murder mystery novel cover.

  9. Looks like an APPA quality image to me…

  10. That’s brilliant! Sorry got side tracked looking for the video. Your fault you keep putting up such wonderful images.

    I’m with you Thomas…. a book cover for sure!

  11. Muzz have you been to a brothel??? Love your choice of words mate, if I didn’t know you better I would have said you actually knew what you were talking about.

    thanks everyone, might have to think about it for the appa’s next year Nick.

  12. I agree with Nick on this one. Really refreshing shot.

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