First 30 Days

This is a small selection of things we have seen and done on our Eastern States sojourn. More adventures to come but boy am I tired.


~ by christianfletcher on June 11, 2009.

16 Responses to “First 30 Days”

  1. Tired….well, time we swapped places.

  2. great work – love it

  3. Watch those cross dissolves. They will pick up footage in the timeline that you haven’t selected. You have to set your in and out points further away from the bits you dont want to see. I want to see more vid in your next presentation please. Get the firmware loaded straight away. Nice scenes. It would of been nice to be there doing vid. See you at PMA. I’m working on a bit of a promo reel for it.

  4. Always good to see what you’re producing. I thought the video was great but looks like there’s always a critic in every family….. If you were back here you’d be tired and wet so stay dry and you’ll be in front.

  5. You have no idea how jealous I am right now, sitting here in my office watching that video.

  6. Very beautiful.
    Which software do you use for that ?

  7. Very cool Christian, looks like your building amazing memories with your young family.

  8. great video again Christian!
    that first waterfall looks huge, would love to see that image in full 🙂
    some nice shots to follow it looks like!

  9. Hang in there bud! Only a few weeks to go and I know for sure how tired you must be.

    I need a week to recover after being on True North doing the sort of stuff you have been doing, but you have been at it way longer than that.

    You have been getting some great stuff and I know that the book that you are putting together will be amazing.

    See you soon mate.


  10. Hey Mark,

    At least you won’t have to worry about competition from Kimberly Quest anymore.


  11. It was the old boat Jamie!!

    He had it working in the oil and gas industry until things got quiet, so it was quite convenient that it just happened to burn to the ground last night! The insurance and fraud people will be all over him as there has already been a suggestion of arson, so that will keep him busy just defending those allegations!



  12. nice work Christian looks like your having a great trip

  13. Cool clip Christian – some classic moments with your family captured. Such a trip is something everyone should do.

  14. In and out points! nah take too long, these videos I knock up in an hour. Good enough for what I want, you can do the tricky video stuff.

    Lol06 I just use imovie.

    Thanks Mark, yep it will all be worth it in the end when the book comes out.

    Kimberley Quest wasn’t competition for True North anyway i think!!

    Tony, yes everyone should be driven nuts by their family at least once in their lifetime!

  15. Good vid, nice images and fun moments in there. I’ll have to look into putting something together for my 2½ months of shooting, need a PC video editing software though, Adobe Premiere perhaps, anyone use that?

  16. Get A Mac Flemmo and use Final Cut. 🙂 Only squids use Premiere.

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