What to do when the Sunrise is Crap 2

rock study Point the camera at something else. The rocks on Magnetic Island are fantastic. I like the colour in this shot. I had an idea when I took this photo of what I would do in photoshop. It wasn’t a wasted afternoon. Will it sell, nup! well maybe! Who knows.


~ by christianfletcher on June 11, 2009.

4 Responses to “What to do when the Sunrise is Crap 2”

  1. That’s an APPA, landscape photo of the year, gotta be.

    Your taking a lot of stuff that won’t sell, how are you going to pay for the trip (:

    How far north are you going mate?

  2. Not bad mate!

    Great colours and you never know..it might sell.



  3. thanks Mark and Merv.
    Merv, I will have to run some more workshops to pay for it.

  4. Hey CF you’re supposed to be talking it UP! Maybe you could hang it in some Mexican joint somewhere with a for sale sign on it and see how it goes – who knows what could happen from there? 😉

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