What to do when the Sunset is no good AGAIN !!!

power of nature Don’t worry about a blown out sky. Some times it is nice to have a white sky. In this photo it works as it adds to the abstract nature of the landscape. I really like the little tree growing out of the rock and the rock that has broken off and wedged itself in the gap. What do you think?


~ by christianfletcher on June 12, 2009.

9 Responses to “What to do when the Sunset is no good AGAIN !!!”

  1. awesome abstract, think that the sky actually makes the image

  2. I like this – I reckon it makes you wonder what’s going on out of frame – could be anywhere. Hey CF would you have tried a shot like this if you were still shooting film?

  3. it does make the image, white skys are ok in the right place.

    now way Muzz, at $5 a shot on velvia I was only taking the bare necessities. that is why photography is so much fun today, you get to experiment more. Still hard to get a brilliant pic but not impossible.

  4. lots to keep you looking in this Shot, I like it.

  5. Something a bit left field,But it works for me. I love different takes on simple subjects.

  6. Nice clean image, with some interesting shapes. The tree looks pretty solemn amongst the rocks and the white sky sets a great back drop. Good image, I like it.

  7. Very nice mate!
    Similar to something i posted a while ago

  8. Agree!

  9. pretty cool. Not really a standalone shot, but would work great with text in that blown out area.

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