iTNFP legendary Status


How cool is this, the TNFP shirt in action. The fellas are sure to get brilliant pics with this secret weapon on their computers.
Sounds as though Rod, Flemming and Casey had some fun.
You can see Rod’s stuff here
You can see Casey’s stuff here
You can see Flemming’s stuff here

Thanks fellas for helping the myth of the TNFP grow. Remember it can’t be seen or touched, it lives within us and demands the best. Rod that shot of Cape Leveque is a cracker!


~ by christianfletcher on June 15, 2009.

10 Responses to “iTNFP legendary Status”

  1. Thanks Christian for the plug, Karijini would have to be one of the best places I have had the pleasure of visiting. And I am sure that your photo tour next year will be an amazing trip for the lucky people to get a ticket.

  2. yay, we are starts ! ! ! !

    Thanks mate, anytime I can plug the myth / legend that is TNFP, will do it for sure….. u will see me at PMA wearing it as well……

    Kenny D has god, I got a t-shirt ! ! !

  3. Great TNFP shot guys..very creative!



  4. Super fun was had, that painting with light session was hilarious (incidentally, Casey has a torch that can light up the universe or create Kenny D rays from here to infinity) TNFP is legendary, I felt really left out without a T-shirt 😦

    Thanks for the link mate, I normally use – as I am moving site later this year.

  5. hah nice work fellas! Now i really regret not buyin a shirt!!!

  6. Looks like you guys are having a blast. Very original idea with the light paintining. I didnt know you had to rock climb your way into some of those spots.

  7. We had to climb into most spots we went and it was amazing….. if anyone ever goes there be sure to look up Dan & Brydie @
    They were super cool, super professional and super fun ! !

  8. will have to do a reprint on those shirts soon Flemming, everyone will be wanting one now that they can see how it can improve your photography.
    Bummed out I wasn’t there to share the fun with you fellas.

  9. Christian if you ever get the chance on your own or 2 at the most, I highly recommend doing a guided tour with West Oz Active, you will get to see so many more sweet spots deep down into the gorges and have a blast doing it as well. I will send you some of my shots when I get them back next week.

  10. […] mornings have meant the TFNP Tshirt has gone into hibernation until the spring. The envy of seeing Casey and Rod wearing them in Northern WA has possesed me to come up with a new Southern Australia concept. I […]

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