Yet another Waterfall

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Yep, thats what they have plenty of over here. No wonder Flemming doesn’t come to the east coast. I’m starting to think that WA is a better location for landscapes. Well beachscapes at least. I’m in a bit of a rut over here at the moment. Not getting great light, and finding it hard to get a scene where there isn’t a house, a tree, a freeway, a person, a powerline, a sugar cane field or something else in the way of what could possibly be a great shot. At least in WA there is less to clutter your images. Maybe I’m just missing my home town, which after all my travels so far, is still, in my mind, the best place to live. Ok the weather here in QLD is unreal, but there is a trade off. Hmmm could WA be the mecca of Landscape photography in Australia???


~ by christianfletcher on June 18, 2009.

21 Responses to “Yet another Waterfall”

  1. Hey CF sounds like you need to go shopping for new toys – that always helps. Maybe a new iPhone? How about getting stuck into that techniques book that is going to outsell Kelby in it’s first week of release – “The Landscape Photographer’s Tool”(worked for Humphries). But you’re right – for us from the west coast there’s no place like home. And don’t forget to stop and smell the roses….. or sugar cane.

  2. Flem would probably call the East Coast hell! 😛 they sure do have a lot of waterfalls. but most of us love them 🙂
    and i agree- we got it pretty good in the West- in many many ways!

    very nice shot again, hopefully you manage some decent light soon

  3. Muzz, getting a new iphone when I’m in Sydney, have held off this long to get one and finally going to do it. Hell every other photographer has one. As for a techniques book I don’t even have time to reply to emails. The roses over here smell of swine flu!!

    Stephen, it is way too wet over here for Flemming and your right WA has some great locations and you just can’t beat the NW.

  4. Chin up and press on, someone’s gotta do it (:

    Lets hope that the word doesn’t get out about WA, we don’t want everyone here do we.

  5. Nicely Balanced shot, have to say im a sucker for a nice waterfall shot, But I agree W.A. is very good for landscapes!!!

  6. It is a nice image though CF

    AFW is the term used when one has had ones fill of waterfalls….

    I’d take West Coast over East for photography….although quite happy here on the South Coast..

  7. Hey Christian why don’t you head inland into the outback…. That way there will be less people, no freeways, better weather and probably no swine flu. On the down side your new iphone will be probably be useless out there! Nice waterfall.

  8. Another really nice capture from my favorite place in Oz, Cairns and the tropical north.

  9. I can’t say this image cracks it for me CF…but hang in there mate. Having lived in NQ and FNQ one thing for sure is the good light can really be a pain in the ass to get at times…on the flip side is that there are so many awesome places to see and get to. Just think outside of the WA ‘square’ and enjoy where you are cos despite feeling that there is a tree,house or freeway there. Sometimes to escape that they make you walk distances instead of pulling up 20m away like in WA. Either that or get out west, or up the Cape or over to the gulf !
    There are things in the NE that you will never see or experience over in the west and vice versa of course – as for which is better, I love them all and can’t compare.The nth,center and south are different again. Just keep clear of Adl…there is some frightning genetics and ways of thinking goin on over there ! *shudder* But all states have good and bad points that others don’t have.
    Enjoy the wet tropics cos one thing for sure is you will never find that abundance of life and vibrancy anywhere else in Oz.
    happy travelling 🙂

  10. Christian the South West is clearly the best! I barley had to process my shots from our last trip down! It makes it to easy for ya!
    Btw… check me latest post!!!!!! Pllleeeeeeaaaaaassssseeeeee haha

  11. hey, who’s dissing adelaide? manners mr middleton!
    Growing up in Sydney/NSW was great but SA has so many gems…you should head on back through here CF. Flinders and Kangaroo Island are standouts. What we don’t have here is many people, which most togs would consider a good thing, but like Tasmania and NZ we are always dissed. It stops here! Adelaide rocks and besides, parking fines here are still only $18. Just felt the need to defend my adopted home of the last 8 years….I can name many places in Australia where I can almost hear the banjos playing and the shotguns loading and none of them are in SA! My two cents…

  12. Mate you sure have had your bad run of weather on your trip. I agree with Tony, throw in the seascapes and shoot inland. Mossman Gorge and the Daintree outside of Cairns is great and you seam to have the weather for that kind of shooting 🙂

  13. hey fletch nice images mate looking good just wanna let all you canon 5d mar2 users out ther no that there is a firm ware update it corrects a few issues and also lets you do some nifty things in movie mode to which your bro might be into

    the firm ware update enables you to shoot your movies while controlling your shutter and aperture so you can do scenes with a high dept of feild cool hey the only thing is you cant go below 1/30 sec which is understandable the firm ware is 1.1.0 the link is


  14. Hey CF careful where you download the new firmware from ‘cos it’s localised – if you DL it from the east coast servers you’ll get a new extra white balance setting called “Pissing Down” whereas if you wait til you get back home west you get one called “Perfect”. By the way, if you download it from Denmark apparently the orientation sensor software is upgraded and the camera will beep incessantly at you until it is perfectly horizontal 😉

  15. hahahaha

    good one muzz funny bugger hehehe


  16. Really nice photo, would look great printed on a silver-halide/metallic paper mounted behind glass.

  17. Hey Christian

    Sorry your in a rut… when you get down to Sydney I’ll show you some cool East Coast seascapes. I agree with you that it is probably hard to beat WA for landscapes… but wait until you see some of the Sydney seascape locations.


  18. Hi Christian,
    yes I agree, there is a difference in light quality between E & W Oz! Tasmania is different again, you would go nuts down there for sure. Some awesome landscapes there! It’s always good to step out of the comfort zone and stretch yourself.
    Thanks for the link.


  19. Tassie is the best place in OZ for landscapes i reckon… i wish i put a bit more effort into getting some good pans when i was there. WA’s still the most diverse for landscapes, although if ya want real good scenery stuff OZ and get over to NZ.

    Nice shot btw Fletch. got a pano of the place? would like to see that!

  20. Stunning shot Christian love that water flow

  21. WA and NT is certainly my favourite photography destinations in Australia, meccas indeed. I would also like to explore the outback of SA and NSW though.

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