Sunny Sydney

I am in Sydney for PMA and for some shooting of the amazing seascape locations they have over here. Brent Pearson is taking me to Canyon X tomorrow, the super secret spot only a few get to see. Can’t wait. Other highlights will be the Apple superstore in the City on Friday and a trip to Ken Duncans gallery in Erina. Matty Lauder and I will go any have a KD Latte in the cafe. Will give the latte a master chef style critique. Had an awesome sunny day here and managed to soak my boots at the Mona Vale baths when the sea suddenly decided to over fill the pool. Great fun! Pics to come soon.


~ by christianfletcher on June 23, 2009.

4 Responses to “Sunny Sydney”

  1. See the heavens finally cleared and gave you sun. Looked like a nice cloud where the sun was setting not sure if there was much looking out towards the baths.

  2. If you’re going out with Brent you’d better ScotchGuard the ugg boots and grab a snorkel! I’ve read his eBook and am planning to do some night shooting this week/end weather and sick kids permitting. When I was reading his book I imagined him out there alone with his light wand making geeky Star Wars light-sabre noises as he waved it around – let us know if it’s true! By the way, heaps better weather there than here at the moment.

  3. PS Can you ask those nice Canon Reps at PMA if they really are announcing the 60D in August?

  4. Good luck if your going with Brent, you’d better put your floaties on.

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