Narembeen Baths

narembeen The landscapes, seascapes, cityscapes, peoplescapes Sydney have to offer are just amazing. Probably my favourite place to shoot on this whole trip. No wonder there are so many good photographers here. Love this shot. Used my ND and converted the raw image to a tungsten WB.


~ by christianfletcher on July 3, 2009.

15 Responses to “Narembeen Baths”

  1. Yep Slick 2 outa 2 so far.

    I could be mistaken but isn’t Narrabeen , I think Narembeen is out in the wheatbelt of WA and they would love to have something like this out there.

    Change it before those east coasters see this.

  2. Great shot mate… just for your info it is Narrabeen not how you have it. Bloody WA foreigners.

  3. Love it … very cool POV and very different to the masses of others I have seen from this area …. Brent has a killer one from tis area from around 2 years back if I remember correct ….

    The east coasters just don’t realize how good they have it

  4. yeah, it is Narrabeen mate…..

  5. So he can’t spell so what!! lol just as well your photo’s make up for it Christian good job awesome

  6. Neil… we are aware how good we have it mate. But it always nice to see new shots from people looking at places that have never been there before. This is a great composition.

  7. Stunning shot. 10/10!

  8. Great skies make great shots. Here’s the proof. Well done mate!

  9. fantastic composition.
    resly nice shot

  10. This is a beautiful shot in all respects. Is that Tommy P out there, wondering whether or not he should even turn up to the APPAs next year while you’re pulling out shots like these before the dust has even settled on this years?

  11. yeah ok the spelling is a little on the wrong side!! Still we all know where it is, don’t we??? Your right David, I love cloud, we all do, certainly makes a difference to an image.
    Yeah Muzz, Tommy P is going to have to pull up his socks and put the hair gel away next year if he is going to kick my but in the APPA’s
    Thanks guys for the comments

  12. Hey Christian

    Lovely shot… and a very different angle and treatment on a well photographed location. Great job.

    Regarding how good we have it…. I absolutely know how lucky we are around Sydney. To live in a major city and have literally hundreds of great shooting locations nearby is unbelievably lucky. I sure don’t take that for granted at all.


  13. Hey Christian
    You’ve been hanging down my beach, One of my awards this year, a silver with distinction, was of this pool, I took it last year and it was scanned with your scanner so I guess you get points for that too. i’d be interested in your photo comp by the way, might be out there in my kayak next year anyway.

  14. Nice shot by the way

  15. Not a blow torch in sight. Gorgeous image.

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