200,000 and counting

Thanks to everyone who has tuned into my blog over the past year and a half. It is a long way from my first day and 70 odd hits. I really enjoy contact with you all and think we have a great community of photographers that help each other out and spread the love we all share, photography. Heres to the next 200,000 hits!

Cheers guys and galls, Nikon and Canon users and the odd fortunate that can afford a medium format back, thats you Pete, hang on didn’t you get given one??? or Two???


~ by christianfletcher on July 4, 2009.

38 Responses to “200,000 and counting”

  1. Well done …cheers.

    Oh buy the way , mine has just smashed thru 4500 barrier !!!

  2. Well done mate! I have only just passed 80,000 hits and very happy with that but how do you do it mate, such a big fanclub you have 😀

    Your blog has almost become a little online community, I think quite a few people have become aquinted and met through commenting back on forth on your blog. And through links to other blogs etc I have gotten to know and met some great photographers!

  3. not bad Merv, I can remember when you started it.

    I don’t know Flemming, I guess because I keep uploading new stuff people are obliged to come back. I put alot of time into my blog so I guess it is reward for effort. Still your posts are way more involved than mine, I go for more pics and less words I guess.
    The blog is a little on-line community, maybe I should start matchmaking facilities too!! Anyone need a girlfriend or boyfriend, post me the details!! Shame Muzz is taken, he is a catch!!

  4. It is because you are the superstar mate!

    You already have a stock agency, so why not a Dating agency!

  5. we all are mate, and everyone that comes to my blog knows who you are, the dashing Danish now known as Albert!!

    CF Dating Library, I like it, send in the CV’s and we will match you up.

  6. Hey I don’t know how you do it CF ‘cos you’re as ugly as a hat full of backsides but you certainly have your followers. Some kind of Pied Piper thing going on I think – will have to look harder at your photos for hidden subliminal messages.

    And by the way, don’t be too sure that a free spirit like me is tied down – some guys are just too good not to be shared around! If you’re going to start a dating service, can you look out for me – these are the qualities I need:

    1. A woman who helps at home, who cooks from time to time, cleans up and has a job;

    2. A woman who can make me laugh;

    3. A woman who I can trust and who doesn’t lie to me;

    4. A woman who is good in bed and who likes to be with me.

    Oh, and by the way, it’s very, very important that these four women do not know one another.

  7. Hey CF,
    You have a huge online family, dont forget us in our will!
    I have 1st dibs or is that 2nd dibs on the galleries!
    Stacky will have to wait !

  8. Christian,
    Congratrs on the milestone mate, a job well done. It was great to meet you the other day at PMA and have a chat and I liek the fact the even you are now calling him ALBERT… if enough peopole use it, it WILL stick ( and I know deep down inside he likes it too )

    Congrats again mate

  9. I’m with Merv. Christian u have a head like a half beaten favourite. But the gay men still like it!

  10. your a legend Muzz!!

    Just thinking about a will yesterday, must make a note to leave the galleries to you Adrian!

    Thanks Rod, yep Albert it is from now on!!!

    Tommy Tommy Tommy, someone said we looked like twins the other day!

  11. Albert…hmmm…”don’t like it” as Rod would say.

    An aboriginal (sober) woman once called me Brad Pitt, how is that for being an international superstar, ya can’t beat that!

  12. Flemming …..the mind boggles as to what she would have called you in a less sober state!!!!

    I’ll still call you Flemming Flemming (:

  13. ok Flemming should it be Brad or Albert?

  14. Congrats on the 200k Fletch, I thought the second 100k would of slowed down seeing as though Dylan is in school these days … Must have a few other stalkers out there, must be those rugged god looks of yours …

  15. i think i was thought to be a stalker for the first 100 000 Neil. what i think it was around 150 000 when i went to that course and was certified existent.

    unfortunately theres no acquirable prize to spur me on to get more hits… maybe karijini will draw the masses in

  16. 201 000 already! Have you got some application on your new iPhone that repeatedly hits your own website?

  17. yeah Neal, Dylan has been replaced with Stakky, they just keep getting younger!! As for good looks, I’m sure I appeal to male photo geeks!!

    Thats it Muzz, have you noticed that only a handful of people post to my blog, the rest of the hits do come from my iphone, oh and mum and dad!!

  18. Good stuff Christian that’s awesome keep going half million now mate!!

  19. Well done CF just reading through all your posts I’ve missed recently…you get around don’t you? Cheers Jules

  20. Its Albert Pitt for Flemming…. or just ALbert….

  21. Apparently I can’t just be ‘Flemming’ anymore…Rod, reminds me I have to get that domain name OutstandingAlbert.com 😀 😀

  22. Good on ya!

  23. nice one! went to your dunsborough gallery this morning very nice! sure have to see your photos printed! better then the web resizes haha.

  24. Congratulation for the blog and the APPA Award! It’s well deserved given the work you put into it. Oh, and the natural talent of course! It’s going to be fun to get to meet you guys in Karijini!

    I have a piece of advice to ask… How do you stitch Raw files in a Panoramic? It seems that the raw plugging in photoshop can only work one picture at a time… Someone knows the answer? It’s probably already somewhere on the blog, but it’s getting so huge, I’m lost!

  25. Anne ..download PTGUI, thats the program to use for stitching.

  26. Half a mill it is Antonio

    Jules everywhere but Darwin!!

    Thanks Will

    Thanks Anne, I do put a fair bit of effort into this gig. Yes Karijini is going to be fantastic and it will be great to have you along.
    Merv is right, the latest version of PT GUI allows you to stitch RAW images together and then open the RAW stitch in Camera raw for editing. I don’t do my stitches that way I just convert the raw individual shots first then stitch later in PT GUI.
    Cheers Anne

  27. Just had a look at the APPA winners…..mmmmmm, I must be missing something or my taste is in my boots, some are not bad, but not many appeal to me.


  28. Merv, I agree. Just had a look at the winners gallery you linked to and I find it is similar in tone and style to the APPA winners last year. It is a style that does very little for me, I personally find it boring. Also a lot of them seem to be more about being a photoshop contest. Just my taste, I am sure others love it, whatever floats your boat etc. and this style obviously floats the boat of the APPA judges.

    Of the Winners gallery 2009 I enjoyed Darren Jew’s work by far the most.

  29. I’m also underwhelmed by the winners gallery. I’m sure blown up to exhibition size there is more to see and therefore judge but as they stand on the gallery page while some are interesting, in general they don’t really grab me. Having said that, I’m with FBJ – Darren Jew’s stood out from the rest for me.

  30. Is this boat big enough for me to jump on as well….. Just looked at the gallery of winners this year….. nothing really floats my boat as Albert says…..

    The landscape shots did nothign for me, NOTHING…… I would love to know what makes some of these judges tick huh

  31. Thanks for the advice guys, I will get this PT GUI software..
    Oh it seems like there is a bit of controversy with those APPA awards! Nice! Good to have debates!

  32. Think that the boat just sunk

  33. aaannnnnnddddd the boat just hit the bottom!
    and Darren Jew’s stuff was great!
    The rest…. meh

  34. Check my blog I have posted my entry in next years appa’s


  35. Congrats on the 200k (actually 202,194!) I hope you don’t overwork your new iphone, they have a tendency to burn the hands of the beholder 🙂 Your blog is a bit of a meeting place and a good place to pick up some ideas, tech/photo tips and links to some other great photographers. Keeping up the blogging!

  36. oops, I forgot to add my 2cents on the APPA winners for 2009… I agree with the other guys.. nothing inspirational and most of the images are over worked. Agree that a couple of Darren Jew’s images are the best of the bunch.

  37. Congrats on the 200,000 page views Christian

  38. well done mate – thanks for sharing all your tips and advice.

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