The Christian Fletcher TNFP Landscape Awards

After reading the comments about the Canon APPA awards I am thinking about running my own dedicated landscape awards. Now it is just an idea at this stage but I have just had a meeting with Mark Stothard from True North and I am thinking of offering one of the cabins on True North as the prize. This will be for the winner and their partner. I still need to look into the legalities of running such a competition but what I would like to know right now is who would be interested in entering. So all you people who visit my blog but don’t post a reply can you please leave a ” yes I would be interested” so I know it will be worth running. The APPA awards are for pros that are members of the AIPP. That excludes most of you out there so these awards could become the non industry standard and the must enter event every year. The judging will be by a panel of three and everything will be done on-line. If this first event goes well then we may offer the whole of True North up to win for 18 lucky photographers and their partners. How good would that be. Let me know what you think.



~ by christianfletcher on July 8, 2009.

62 Responses to “The Christian Fletcher TNFP Landscape Awards”

  1. Yes ..interested….but I what am I going to do with a cabin, where would I put it?

  2. ” yes I would be interested”


  3. yep…I’d be interested. AIPP isn’t for eveybody but there are so many great photographers out there.

  4. Interested indeed! I hope the whole CAKE09 crew can win as a joint venture. Having the CAKE09 crew onboard True North would – I think – be a cataclysmic event!

  5. Will he pick me up at Portland, in western Victoria?

  6. Hey CF I’d be interested, especially if you’re also offering a booby prize …..

  7. Interested 🙂

  8. Im in fletch, bring it on, just dont tell stacky

  9. silly question! its an obvious yes!

  10. As a True North veteran how could I resist…I’m in.

  11. f&*k yeah… im in mate… shit, can I swear on your blog SORRY

    Brilliant idea mate, and if you do decide to run with it I am gonna win… sorry everyone else…

  12. yes I would be interested as well

  13. Yes I’m in christian cheers

  14. ” yes I would be interested”

    I have always wanted to cruise the Kimberley coast but would never be able to afford it….so….yes please !

  15. In-ter-est-ed!

  16. Now on the surface it looks like a great idea but I’ve been stung by you before!!! Sounds like an April fools without been on the 1st April. Once bitten twice shy. Oh and welcome home (the lady at your Margs gallery tells me your’e back today)

  17. yes Im interested!

  18. Even a Yank would be interested! That is, if we’d be allowed to enter. I would definitely fly to Perth or wherever to take advantage of this fabulous prize. Good on ya, mate!

  19. yes i am interested. but i dont have a partner atm so can go on the boat twice?

  20. “yes I would be interested”

  21. ” yes I would be interested”

  22. Yes, would be interested but not sure if you’re taking international entries.
    I follow your blog daily from Oklahoma…thanks for the inspiration and let me know if we can join your competition!

  23. Why not Fletch……I’d be interested.

  24. Sounds like another cracking idea. Is film allowed 🙂

  25. another ‘yes’ here mate

  26. Yes for me too.

  27. Yep count me in.

  28. Hey Christiano, sounds good mate.
    I’ve been working on a new photo competition with my sponsors for a while so I’ll talk to you soon so we can compare notes on the fine print. We launch later this year for 2010
    Although my comp is for nudes only 😉 Well, ok there’s a landscape section

  29. I’d be interested in helping out in any way, wouldn’t participate with an entry though.

  30. I’d be in f’sure

  31. absolutely!

  32. yes I would be interested

  33. Great idea Christian.
    I’m interested.

  34. I would also be very interested and will be passing this on to a few other very keen amateurs like myself

  35. Yes I would be interested and will be following the news on this one.

  36. Great idea!

  37. yes I would be interested

  38. Yes I would be interested Christian

  39. yeah CF count me in for that

  40. Absolutely!!

  41. Yes from me too…..

  42. Looks like its a winner. Yes from me to.

  43. Great idea.

  44. Yep, I’m interested.

  45. Yes me and me photographic mate in England would be interested. How would you send us the cabin

  46. Sounds like a great idea Christian! I’ll have a crack. If I win that means I get chauffered around the Kimberley instead of being the Chauffer! That will be a change. :-O
    Hope you have a good time up there in September, cheers!

  47. Looks like there are plenty of people who would like to have a “Fletcher” under their belt!

  48. Hey Christian, most triumphant idea. Im Interested.

  49. yes indeed

  50. Sounds good to me

  51. Hey C.

    Very cool prize… yes, I’d be interested.


  52. Yes, interested of course!

  53. Yes interested as long as Hewitt and Eastway are not part of the panel. Give us photographer’s that don’t want to burn the crap our of our images a chance and the women!

  54. Yes l would also be interested

  55. I think I might know a potential sponsor or two!

  56. yes very interested

  57. You can put me down as interested Christian.

  58. Interesting comments from the person who doesn’t want Eastway and Hewitt involved . . . I wonder if they saw your efforts Fletch at the WA Professional Awards last year . . . looked they had been done with a blowtorch !

  59. HA HA I did see them but assumed he was trying to fit the mould…. bad boy! I don’t fit any mould and I never win competitions. I think I will just stick to making pictures and sack the comps. BTW like your work and some of Mr Eastways I’m just not a copy cat.

  60. yuh, like hell id be entering!

    hey what a youth awards section for those under 18?? haha i reckon id actually stand a chance then!!

  61. yes I would be interested!

  62. yep im in

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