5D and Final Cut Training @ CFPI Dunsborough

Hi Bloggers it’s Mike Here. You know the not so famous twin who shoots a bit of video with the 5D MK2. I’m wondering if any of you guys are interested in a course run by Apple guru Stuart Harris regarding the 5D and how you produce and work your video through to a final edit through Final Cut Express/Pro. Yeh!! I know you still guy’s don’t rate us video guy’s but with the video capabilities of the 5D wouldn’t you like to know how to make some money from it? Hey if I new that it would get Christian off my back.

Brendan is looking to run a course in Perth at PRA and whilst Stuart is here I’m going to try and whisk him off to Dunsborough to run one down here. Now I’m sure Brendan can fill a course in Perth but is there anyone interested in traveling to sunny Dunsborough for a much nicer experience?

Can you please leave an expression of interest on this blog so we can see if we can do something. It would be a waste not to get involved with this Guru from Apple as he taught me two things I didn’t know at PMA in about 10 minutes. Now if he can just teach me how to make money?????????

Register NOW!!!!


~ by christianfletcher on July 13, 2009.

13 Responses to “5D and Final Cut Training @ CFPI Dunsborough”

  1. What would be the cost Mike ? and approx dates as I would be interested if the time frame suits …



  2. I’d also be interested if the time frame/cost suited

  3. Guy’s at this stage no price has been formalized as we don’t know what we will be charged for Stuart’s presence. I have a sneaking suspicion that Apple will pay him to come over so the cost would be minimal or free, but don’t quote me. We are just getting expressions of interest at this stage.


  4. Love that word FREE…i’m in.

    Seriously, I might be interested. but it would also depend on timing and cost.


  5. I’d be interested, but probably only in Perth.

  6. Could be something I would be interested in depending time and price

  7. Wonder if the workflow would be much different if the 60D (or whatever) comes out with video (rumoured announcement late August). Any ballpark time frame yet?

  8. Would defintely be interested,I would love a run down to Dunsborough any time soon.

  9. I would be interested, but depending on time and cost. Keep us posted.

  10. Hi Mike, yep, count me in. Give me plenty of warning as I am in Sydney.

  11. Beam me to Perth Scotty!! I’m in Washington State-USA and this is EXACTLY what I need! Dangit! And hey the West coast of AU sounds like fun too!

  12. hmm – ya know how about this: What if ya recorded it with a Canon 5D Mark II and posted it? Or am I pipe dremain here….?

  13. Hi Guys. Me again. I’m still waiting from a reply from Apple GURU Stuart. Will keep you posted. If Apple are cool with me filming the tutorial I’ll do it and send it to anyone who wants to see it. May have to charge for it though if people who attend the courses have to cough up a couple of bucks. Still wont know if it will cost anything until I hear from Stuart.


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