Curl Curl video coming soon

curl curl This pic is a blend of two different images, one that was converted twice to get the result I got. I have a few tricks to share soon………. for a price of course!!!


~ by christianfletcher on July 13, 2009.

11 Responses to “Curl Curl video coming soon”

  1. hey CF nice shot love the leading line and also the split colour between the two pools, awesome


  2. Wow… Awesome picture CF. Love the colours and composition.

  3. another great shot…. wat a shock hahaha i suppose thats what u get paid to do.
    Great work mate, cant wait to see the video!!

  4. great shot Fletch.. I did a shot recently blending in the same image, but just processing the RAW file twice with a different white balance. Look forward to a tutorial, will be nice to see another persons approach and work flow.

  5. nice shot mate! Those lines work really well!

  6. Money is no object mate… bring em on ! ! !

  7. Good Compositon Christian love the shot

  8. Fletcher masterclasses from the comfort of my leather lounge with a bottle of red or 2.
    Cant wait!
    Just like a Duns. workshop 🙂

  9. Excellent shot Mate!!



  10. Hey Christian
    I just realised… you went to the wrong pool!!! You went to South Curly…. I was trying to direct you to Nth Curly…. I don’t suppose it matters as it looks like you got great shots anyway.


  11. Hey Brent there’s a Tsunami warning for the east coast …. Cant wait to see your pics you daredevil …

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