Narrabeen Tutorial coming soon

narrabeen baths Got this image from a daylight shot at Narrabeen Baths, tell me I spelt it right this time. The video will show you how to get that APPA look favored by the judges, also known as the TNFP look. Would have been uploaded but I left my headphones at work, bummer. Still I have to try and work out how to upload them yet!!


~ by christianfletcher on July 13, 2009.

9 Responses to “Narrabeen Tutorial coming soon”

  1. Very nice! Great light!

  2. Very neat, love the look and would love to know hot to implement that filter. A Lightroom preset would be even better.

  3. Nice shot. Wish I had shoot Narrabeen baths a bit more when I lived only 100 meters from it.

  4. Hi Christian good work only because I know the spot now!! very simple good work!!!

  5. Narrabeen is spelt right now mate!! good work on that too!! hehe

  6. I went there the Sunday of PMA and it was closed for works. Couldn’t see anyone working but the paths were blocked off. There are some nice baths to the south by the golf course (which does some nice flathead & chips by the way) so I went there instead. Gee there’s some good images to be made in Sydney.

  7. Think you might ever take requests? this shot would be a bestseller i think. i really wanna know how you do that incredible lighting in the sky >

    BTW i just put a load of Kj shots on my blog and as always your feedback is the generally the best, so think you might be able to have a gander some time?

  8. will have a look Stakky, got to look after you little blokes!
    Everyone have a look at Stakkys new shots, he is the future best photographer in the world, and I mean that when I say it.

  9. that shot was just a lucky arvo mate, no real secrets just a bit of levels tweaking thats all.

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