Ok I Had time to waste!

polar winter

So I was bored too. I know I should be working on new images or tutorials but I wanted to have a Friday arvo wind down with a bit of fun. Just got back from a funeral and needed a bit of a pick up. The polar bear was shot at the Brisbane Museum probably stuffed there too. I cut it out with Fluid Mask 3 and plonked it on the Narrabeen pic. A bit of this and a bit of that and ta da, a great way to waste 30 min!!


~ by christianfletcher on July 17, 2009.

15 Responses to “Ok I Had time to waste!”

  1. Sad thing is that maybe the only place you’ll se them soon a “Museum”

  2. Where was Tommy P when you needed him…..

  3. You do have too much time on your hands.

  4. V Cool. Nice way to blow some time on POETS day!

  5. Sweet, a great way to waste a Friday arvo:)

  6. lol 🙂 , love the lik part wrong country

  7. Sweet mate, but the bear looks a bit scrawny for the Aussie diet, you got more of a northern europe, Norway, Sweden look going on there, he needs more belly and a few tats and stubbie shorts, oh and probably a can of bundy in his paw. he he

  8. I call Lik the Croc hunter of photography haha the way he dresses.

  9. Hi CF and everyone, am after some advice on a good start to some soft ND grad lee filters, am sick of the Cokin and there colour cast when stacking them, They will be stacked in the bin soon. Any input would be appreciated

  10. Thanks fellas, it is fun cutting and pasting stuff into images and Fluid mask does a pretty good job most of the time.

    Hi Dave I bought the kit, you get the holder and three filters 0.3, .6 and .9. Also need the correct size adapter ring depending on your lens diameter. Cant remember if that came with the kit. I got mine from B&H Photo in New York but I think Brendan at PRA can get them now. I usually stack the .6 and .9 together to get the effect I like.

  11. yeah Pra have them in stock I bought mine there not too long ago, not cheap!!

  12. Dave, you want to get the lee soft grad set as fletch pointed out and then buy the lee foundation kit and the correct sized adapter ring. If your shooting 6×17 or other wide angle lenses you should look for the wide angle ring. It holds the filter holder closer to the lens.

  13. Cheers Christian.

  14. Sorry and Matt.

  15. Just another tip for anyone using the Lee foundation holder, The pin that you pull to clip the holder onto the ring that is actually a threaded screw, mine came apart after only 3 days of use so you might want to put a drop of superglue in the hole you can see on the inside.

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