Dangar Falls Tutorial

dangar tutorial

This tutorial is available now. As you can see a lot of work has gone into getting the most from this image. Dangar Falls is amazing but this is the only place to get a good view from the top. The platform has such a high rail on it you can’t look through the viewfinder to focus, thank god for live view!!! You can purchase the video tutorial for $12.95 Buy Now


~ by christianfletcher on July 24, 2009.

17 Responses to “Dangar Falls Tutorial”

  1. Great tutorial Fletch… a cracker. Nice to see the workflow and the techniques to get this shot.

  2. Thanks Matty, and thanks for the on-line paypal help. You should get paid for that stuff.

  3. Happy to help mate.

  4. yes it works! haha, Nice tutorial worth the money.

  5. Very good once again Christian!

    It is amazing the extra little tips you pick up by watching your workflow in a structured forum like these tutorials.

    Very clever stuff and I am sure that everyone who downloads it will get a lot of benefit from it regardless of the level the photographer is at.

    Well done!



  6. Thanks Will and Mark, I had to freeze my butt off to get this shot but it was worth it.

  7. Once again, your mastery shows through! Simple techniques to perform, but it your expert knowledge of blending choices and masking that put you on top. Great job, mate!

  8. Hi CF,
    I just parted with a bit more of my hard earned on the tutorial and it is really good thanks. I really liked the bit about making the water look more waterish, HaHa.

  9. thanks Steve and Pete, it is all about knowing what works in what situation and just trying stuff till you get a result that looks pleasing and reflect your feeling when you took the shot.

  10. Thanks for another great tutorial – too bad you had to freeze your arse off but I’m glad you got the shot. It’s just good to see how many choices there are in the ways you can deal with “issues” within a photo and resolve it’s parts into a great looking image. Funny how on a different day you could also process it to look very different again.

  11. Great tutorial! You convinced me to use adjustments layers! I would duplicate the layer and then work on it, because when I started on photoshop, there wasn’t adjustment layer yet. It’s funny how I got stuck in old fashion way of working…. Very eye opening to see other people’s work in action, your way is definitely more modern and non destructive.

  12. Muzz every time I open photoshop I do things differently, makes it exciting. Anne, glad you are now enlightened to adjustment layers. Cheers

  13. Hey Christian, Im happy to announce I finally got photoshop!! lol
    So soon you will have another customer to purchase these wonderful tutorials!! That is once I have figured out how to use it!! lol

  14. great Donelle, I suggest you download the basic layers tutorial first. This will get you started.

  15. What format is your tutorial in? That is can us folks in the United States view it?

    • Downloaded your tutorials – They are super! Thanks for taking the time to make such nice and useful tutorials!!

  16. Hi Natalie, glad you like them, and great to see someone in the US found out about them. Will have more done soon when I get all my backlog of work finished. Came home from the northwest with 429 emails in my account. Cheers

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