Don’t Mess with this Guy

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I haven’t done any drawing for a while and after spending the morning with the kids drawing I got inspired to have another crack at Corel Painter. This guy was in a book I bought for my kids on how to draw and paint cartoon characters. I wish I had more time for this type of pursuit. I always end up doing it late at night and rushing it. Will have to slow down and try to work more fine detail into it. Someone give me 48 hours in one day please!



~ by christianfletcher on July 25, 2009.

8 Responses to “Don’t Mess with this Guy”

  1. That’s quite cool…well done,

  2. Not bad at all, you have some good talent.
    Looks like he is suffering from chinballitis though.

  3. things you do when you have a night to yourself hey, could have watched a movie or relaxed in front of a fire with a nice glass of red. Instead I hunched over a computer screen and wacom tablet for three hours. Wouldn’t have it any other way. Thanks fellas.
    p.s. Merv I had that bottle of red you gave me the other night, nice wine so thanks for that.

  4. Pretty good Fletch … can’t quite judge your technique at this size though … I’ve never got to grips with computer drawing, pencil to paper still has that certain feel to it 🙂

  5. Actually I just viewed it larger and it looks good.

  6. Yes, you can certainly see where the creativity come from with CF eh!

    I think the next evolution of Christian Fletcher will be as a kick butt artist!


  7. Hey Christian nice work!! looks a little like you mate!! hehehe

  8. thanks boys, yeah I have the exact same chin and love of cigars!! hehe

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