New blogger in the Club

Hi guys, Mark Stothard has his new blog up and going. Now this guy gets up to some serious adventures, check it out here Mark Stothard The crazy bugger went to Rotto earlier in the week during the storms. Totally nuts!


~ by christianfletcher on July 25, 2009.

6 Responses to “New blogger in the Club”

  1. Thanks for the link Mate!



  2. Nice….. you need to show him thought mate how to make the pictures bigger huh

  3. hey CF,
    The fletcher and Stothard alliance for wordpress dominance begins!
    Also cheers for the engagement comment !
    P.S hows that tower/park bench seat image coming along !

  4. Certainly some talented photographers around….

  5. I followed Merv’s suggestion of clicking the Ifile URL before uploading, is that the play or is there another trick?

    Any advice will be muchly appreciated!

    400 hits today Christian! Not bad for the first day! Thanks for the referal mate!



  6. 600 today mate and ended up with 520 yesterday!

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