Super Deal on Canon XH-A1

I am selling my trusty Canon XHA1 including the amazing Letus 35 Extreme 35mm lens adapter for beautiful film look shallow depth of field. This camera is less than two years old. If anyone is interested in becoming a future budding film maker this camera offers a great option shooting high def 1080i footage at 25fps. The camera is in brand new condition and will cost less than half of the replacement value at a very affordable $ 4500.00. For those of you who haven’t heard of the Letus 35 Extreme adapter look it up at

This price includes the Camera, Letus 35 Extreme adapter, 1 x 35mm Canon f2 FD lens, 2 adapter rings for Canon FD and EF lenses, Carry case for adapter, Support rails for 35mm adapter. I have the original boxes and will ship anywhere in the world at my cost.

Please leave your expressions of interested here.

Mike Fletcher


~ by christianfletcher on July 28, 2009.

7 Responses to “Super Deal on Canon XH-A1”

  1. I looked into getting this camera and boy do you have it for an amazing price considering that Letus is thrown in as well.

  2. That’s right Matt. I need to sell it to buy more gear. It’s a bargain.

  3. is that camera still for sale?

  4. Sorry Mr or Mrs or Miss Allen the beast has gone. Still have the 35mm adapter though

  5. Hi there

    is the adaptor kit still for sale?


  6. are you still have 35mm adapter?

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