Port Hedland Workshop

old train

I just got back from running a workshop in Port Hedland with Paul Parin and Bill Shaylor. Two top blokes and great photographers. Playing catch up today and thought I would take some time to post an image from the trip. This is not a brilliant image but the old train is so photogenic. We had around 60 + students turn up for the 3 day workshop and it was a good time had by all. We were lucky to get out to the port on one afternoon, to the local fire station and then the next day out to De Grey Station for some shooting. Port Hedland actually has some cool stuff to shoot so next time you are flying through stop and have a look around. It really is an interesting place. Will post more from the weekend as I get time.

I’m typing this in bed, managed to pick up some bug whilst away. Not surprising when hanging out with a big group. Don’t know if it is swine flu yet but one of the students was recovering from it, feeling a little HOG tied. !!!! and I did notice a few oinks when I woke up this morning.


~ by christianfletcher on August 4, 2009.

14 Responses to “Port Hedland Workshop”

  1. The Cheif wiggum epidemic is getting around these days, i heard somewhere it was supposed to peak in August, your a bit behind the times Fletch! only just 😉
    Get well soon mate

  2. I like the golden light reflecting off the train

  3. 60 STUDENTS?! theres gonna a crap load of competition in 10 or so years i imagine. sounds like being a landscape photographer will be a tough gig to live up to… im discouraged!

    Didja make it to Pardoo? Id like to more see some shots from up there its a great place.
    Lik’n this shot, colours just great.

  4. How did you find Port Headland for landscape photography?

  5. Yep Stakky and that has happened three years in a row. Landscape photographer is the title everyone wants, hell it would do me !!! Don’t worry mate there were none as good as yourself, work on getting your profile up and by the time your old enough to leave school you will be a gun.
    Haydn, PH is pretty baron for landscapes but there is some cool industrial stuff and rustic old houses and sheds to play with. Also if you drive out of town for 30mins there are some great hills to shoot. Beaches are pretty bad but all in all a fun place to explore.

    I don’t think it is swiney Bryce, no cough or runny nose, probably nothing more than the bubonic plague.

  6. It could be dogs disease mate!

    Good to have you back and nice image…something different once again!



  7. I think thats a **** HOT shot this time! Although I reckon Paul got a better one. lol
    Thanks for the inspiring workshop, sorry to hear your all swiney, although I think it sounds to me more like a dose of Leprosy. I had that last week, you should be right by the weekend though, just rest and you will pick up soon, an arm here, a leg there etc etc. Just as well your a vego? I ate way to much meat on the weekend, must be why I catch everything under the sun. lol

  8. good to be home Mark, but I liked the warm weather. Yeah it isn’t your typical landscape hey.
    Bill, yeah Pauls shot was better, I hate him for that. I did loose an arm this morning so it does sound like Leprosy. At least I got a day in bed, still had the laptop at the ready though so there was no rest.

  9. Hey Christian, how does your massive publicity machine keep the PH workshops under wraps? Are they invitation only or am I looking in the wrong place?

  10. Hey Christian almost looks like a minature train!! good job

  11. Mate, sweet image, love it and great to see you really getting out and exploring your photog range, it’s inspiring for me !!!!

  12. Muzz the PH workshops are organised by FORM for people that live in Hedland. You would have to move there to attend!!

    Thanks Antonio and Craig.

  13. the last couple of images are great CF look forward to seeing more


  14. Ohh I Just stumbled across this blog! I have lived in hedland for 5 years – my husband and I love your work.. We have several of your landscape pictures from yallingup and down south up on our wall! They are just beautiful, Love your work.

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