De Grey Station Workshop

de grey 1

This is a pic from the recent workshop I helped run in Port Hedland. This shot was taken in the old wool shed at De Grey Station. This property is owned by David Bettini’s family and is something like a million acres or there abouts. David who is a great landscape photographer, will be able to tell you more. There was some magic late arvo light coming into the shed and a lot of dust on the ground. A few handfuls in the air and it came alive.


~ by christianfletcher on August 6, 2009.

20 Responses to “De Grey Station Workshop”

  1. That’s a stonker mate!

    Really different and fantastic lighting!



  2. Pretty sweet shot mate, very unique.

  3. Wow very nice.. that dust really added another dimension to the shot. Great idea throwing it in the air.

  4. unreal, really different

  5. thanks fellas, nothing but a bit of sheep S#!t thrown skywards. The hardest part was not biting my fingernails afterwards!!

  6. cool… nice n red. Never seen a composition like this before… pretty awesome never would have thought of it! Lighting at all real in this?

  7. Nice ..a bit too red for me though .

    I’ve tried that a few times but never quite get anything i like.

    A broom is the best thing to stir up the dust, it seems to hang longer and better than throwing it around, you get finer particles in the air.

    There you go, that’s my tip of the day !!!

  8. ill have to agree with merv….. way too much red for me

  9. De Grey Station, De Red Shed.

  10. cool shot Christian – Top stuff in ‘seeing’ a shot where most wouldn’t.

  11. I played around with it in CS4 and made it a B&W. It looks pretty good in red, but even better in B&W. But hey, its your shot, so who am I to say.

  12. I can’t see the ghost, where is it?

  13. I love the red. Its gives the photo a very ‘outback’ look. Great shot Christian. It really does make you feel like your standing in the shed after a lond day out and about.

  14. This is very cool mate!
    But this…. you think this is b&w…?
    I think not! haha đŸ˜‰

  15. Nice shot, maybe a tad red heh

  16. Christian great shot but a bit undecided about the amount of red??? But it certainly works good work!!

  17. Hey Christian. I pretty much like the red! Can’t have chucked too much seep poo in the air as all the baa baas were taken off the place back in the 1970s. More likely to have been from a cow! Did you catch up with my uncle? He would have made a pretty cool portriat! Cheers Mate. Are you back for good. ie back from the east coast?

  18. lighting all real Stakky

    thanks for the housekeeping tips Merv

    Tony, I actually found others on the workshop in there, I just happened to get in there at the right time.

    Thanks for the conversion Steve

    I think the ghost of Likky was there James heehee

    All fixed Dylan

    Seems like it is too Red, looks ok on my Calibrated Eizo Monitor but it is pretty red but I like the red and it wasn’t far off the original capture. So Red in not Dead, there I have put it to Bed.!!

    Hi David, yeah it was poo of some description and being a city boy most of my life can’t tell shit from shit!! Can spot a bad photo a mile away though!
    We met your uncle and one of the other guys Bill Shaylor took a nice pic of him. Yep back for good now mate.

  19. I just used Dylan’s link to check out the goss, that’s one swish looking web site mate. Very nice, especially on the Mac. A+

  20. Hi Matt, are you talking about Dylans Website or mine?

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