Heading to Melbourne tonight

Hi all, I am typing this from the airport, heading to Melbourne to judge the Jetstar Photo comp. I noticed a few familiar photos show up in the 10,700 I had to sort through, yes thats right, 10,700 entered in the landscape category. Chances of winning are still pretty good though as 99% were just appalling. I tell you if I see another sunset or pic of Phi Phi island I am going to shoot myself, and I don’t mean with a dslr.

Got the red eye flight to arrive in the early morning in Melbourne. Front row seats too I must say, shame they don’t have a business class. So here I am looking around for anyone showing symptoms of Swine Flu. A guy just sat down next to me coughing his guts up. I mean dude, go die somewhere else please, I bet he is next to me on the plane. School groups and sporting teams are others you need to watch out for, they are breeding grounds for disease. After coming back from Port Hedland last weekend with some strange lurgy I don’t want a repeat performance. People be warned you are on notice, sneeze in my general direction and you will receive a very stern look, stay away you festering germs!!!

Speaking of festering germs, I will be taking Tommy P out for a shoot tomorrow, heading to Phillip island for a sunset shoot. Cape Woolami or something like that. Looks pretty spectacular. If your in the area drop in. Tony your close by aren’t you??


~ by christianfletcher on August 11, 2009.

21 Responses to “Heading to Melbourne tonight”

  1. *pats back for entering a -sunrise- image* 😛

    sounds like your going Larry Flynt (I think it’s Larry Flynt i’m thinking of anyway!) on us there. soon you’ll be locking yourself in a quarantined room, with no one allowed anywhere near you in case they drag in nasty germs lol.
    the germs are the only things that can bring down the CF enterprise!

  2. Does this mean I cant post any of my Phi Phi Island shots now? 😦

    If you get to Melbourne and feel like digging for truffles on the MCG or going for a roll in the muddy banks of the Yarra, or a feed from a Macca’s trough in Malvern, then you probably got the swiney.

    Otherwise relax dude, the worst thing you will probably get will be a bad dose of the Balwyn Belly, hehe. Then again, I hear that Mad Cow is on the rise in Melbourne. Hope you dont pick up a dose of that while your there. Otherwise you will have to come back in cattle class then! lol

  3. Hi mate, welcome to the Fog. I’d say that Tom will be taking you to the Pinnacles at Cape Woolami on Philip Island. Nice spot.

  4. Enjoy your time in Melbourne … I wish I had entered that comp .. was always meaning to but life got in the way and time was up before I knew it …

    Next time …

  5. Ahhh the life of the rich and famous. 😉

  6. I bet your travelling with one of those little masks on ala Michael Jackson style ! !
    I entered that comp, hope mine was not in the 99% of crap entered but I am felling better knowing that mine is not a shot of Phi Phi Islands huh….

    Have fun mate,let me know if I WIN ! ! !

  7. Cape Woolami is great. I have seen some shots of the area and it is on my hit list when I am down in Melbourne early next month. Have fun judging.

  8. Geez you get around Matt…. must be fun travelling and working as a full time working photog huh ! ! !

  9. hi Christian – yep i’m just around the corner and know it like the back of my hand. It would be great to meet you and Tom. Just emailed your gallery addy with my number etc to sort things out.

  10. How long are you there for? I’m heading there a week on Saturday:)

  11. Mate…don’t die on me yet…we have a lot more fun to have so smash anyone who looks like sneezing on you!!



  12. Have Fun in Melbourne Christian , I just got back from 3 days there light was shocking the whole time i was over there but at least the food was great came back about 5 kilos hevier but lol

  13. YOUR ON THE JUDGING PANEL?! Dammit i knew i should have entered!
    Ah damn… damnation. Wasn’t there an under somethings category as well?

  14. Mmmm and who got you that judging gig Christian??? Come on, tell all your fans!

  15. Quite correct Mr Brown – check out my website for the images seeing as Fletcher is too lazy to post his own http://tomputtphoto.wordpress.com

  16. thanks fellas, made it home in one piece and it has proven to me you can got to Melbourne and avoid swine flu. The secret is to look like you need a bath and a good meal. Everyone thought I might hit them up for a couple of bucks. Helps to have dodgy clothes on and a TNFP t-shirt.

  17. That’s the same look you used at PMA!

  18. So is that how Beau Mitchell’s photo was in the top images for a week? Haha, no, I’m pretty sure that was because his photo was damn good. Hope you enjoy/ed your time in Melbourne, seems like everyone is coming down here (but you’re definitely not the first to view victoria as the swine flu capital haha). Looking forward to seeing the winning photographs for the jetstarphotocomp!

  19. Same look Matthew

    There was some great entries in the jetstar comp Katie, did Beau enter, there was a finalist or two with photos from the Gold Coast way. We still didn’t get the names of the winners but I’m sure I’ll know when we all know. Cheers

  20. was there any finalists from NSW mate, maybe Central Coast or NSW in particular ?

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