I love Junk

fuel drums

Forget the pretty landscapes I love this sort of stuff. Ok you wouldn’t hang it on your wall but imagine it in a book in 100 years time. It would be a great record of the times. On the other hand if we stuff the world and go back to the horse and cart this might look modern!! Hopefully people will look at the fuel drums and think wow they use oil back then.


~ by christianfletcher on August 11, 2009.

11 Responses to “I love Junk”

  1. Sweet as, sharp as a tack. Nice lighting.

  2. like this a lot CF, maybe people who enjoying collecting shit might put it on their wall?

  3. I thought you would have thrown some dust into the air to emphasise the sun rays 🙂

  4. Should have “broomed ” it.

    Love Andrews comment , but which way do you take it !!!

  5. Yep nice job Christian good composition well done!! I love that sort of stuff!!

  6. Hey Christian you know it never ceases to amaze me just how versitile you are as a photographer. Great image.


  7. Nice picture CF. Love the light, colour and sharpness.

  8. thanks fellas, yeah the dust idea came after this shot was taken, if I had had it 10 mins earlier the place would have been a dust bowl. I have seen some shit on a few walls Andrew, and some of it has been mine over the years!! hehe.

  9. Just read my post again, can see that there is room for the comments to be miscontrued….lucky I’m already bottom of the class CF….hehe.

  10. Like this, reminds me of an abandon airfield or somthing.

  11. Lovely pictures. I love old stuff too.

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