An Interview with Tommy P

This is the one you have been waiting for. Watch and all will be revealed, the great man himself, Mr Tommy Putt.


~ by christianfletcher on August 17, 2009.

36 Responses to “An Interview with Tommy P”

  1. what a hunk of spunk, hmmm I like me in pink.

  2. Hi mate,

    Yes looks like a bit of a character for sure…nice work!



  3. Great interview guys… studio and portrait work look great Tom. Best of luck with the landscapes, you guys have an awesome state for it. Everything is so close.

  4. Hey Tom hope all works out well? Christian must be getting old mate!! steady with the camera there mate!! hehehe good work.

  5. I was starting to think thats how you talked at the start haha nice interview.

  6. gold

  7. Good fun! Very nice office you got there Tom.

  8. The first bit reminded me of the art studio guy in Beverly Hills Cop ” jast da liddle hint of lemon twiist with dat”

    Nice interview and a look around, seems like a nice enough guy, for a Victorian.

    Good stuff…..a yep !!!

  9. Oh yeah. I was going to say was he putty in your hands Christian, but thought I’d better not…… he he he .

  10. haha great interview.
    very entertaining

  11. You celebrities have way too much time on your hands.

    I see his fingers are weighted with man bling. I surprised he hasn’t got diamond earrings in both ears, that would be pure rock star.

  12. Nice work Christian. Now lets see the out-takes! Did you ask him why that funny looking silicon thing that pops up when you search for “Tom Putt” in Google images is named after him – it only shows up with safe search switched off. Hmmmm ….

  13. very very good stuff!

  14. What a cracker, very enjoyable. How do I get a smirker to work on this blog, all I get is 🙂

  15. I love that! Everyone else comments on the entertainment value, and Fleming comments on the look of my studio!!! Didn’t he notice the threads?!!? God, why do I bother…???

    And Merv, that scene out of Beverley Hills is one of my ALL TIME FAVOURITES!

    EXACTLY what I was thinking about when I did that! We’ll have to get together when Fletcher’s over next, have a slide night and watch Beverley’s!

    And Mr Parkes, yes I have the bling, and I’m working on the gold chains and ear rings! However, the real bling is actually a wedding ring and my two thumb rings have my kid’s names inscribed in them so they’re with me where ever I go.

    And CF, we’ve had Boston filling the house all morning! Thanks for that!

  16. Muzz, you are in fact correct. Where are the outtakes Christian??? What happened to the joke about three men walk into a bar, Kenny D, Peter L, and Eastway…

    Oh and Muzz, yes I do have a butt plug named after me, and an apple, but how many people can claim that! HAHAHAHAHAHA (no comments from you please Christian!)

  17. Which one was the real Tom Putt?

  18. They seem to be multiplying!

  19. HAHHAHAHAHA my plan is coming together PERFECTLY!!!!

  20. Tommy you are the new Likstar for sure dude! I was in awe of your Awesomeness! 🙂

    As for you Christian, I haven’t seen a better doco since Jonathon Demme’s first feature-length film,”Stop Making Sense” Which was pretty ironic now I think about it. lol

    My God, where does your talent end Christian? Could it be we are living in the presence of the new Messiah? Could it be that you are becoming bigger, better, (even more betterer) than Pete himself?

    I put this out to your devoted fans, (me being one of them of course)

    Is Christian Fletcher the new Messiah, or just a naughty boy?

    Love your work dude, I enjoyed the both of you taking the P out of each other and everyone else. Should be more of it, thanks for the laugh.

  21. Muzz Tommy was a one take man, must be all that practice making porn movies. The director says, bring out the “butt Plug” and out walks Tommy.
    Merv there aren’t many nice Victorians, only the ones that come to this blog.
    Sorry Tom, did everyone see Tommys grandad vest and pink shirt??
    Bill, Tommy is the reincarnation of Peter Lik with hair. As for me, I’m just beginning to think I am the second coming! I mean my grey hair is turning back dark and I won a gold at this years APPA’s, both miracles. Maybe I’m just doing gods work for him. Will ask Ken, he seems to be on good terms with the big guy! sorry guy/girl, just to be pc.

  22. Nice doco Christian! And Tom is right – Rob Blakers is indeed a great landscape photographer! And btw who the hell is Peter Lik? Wasn’t he the frontman of some failed 80s boy band?

  23. No doubt Tommy is a fine looking rooster but CF you’d better stay away from his stylist cos you would get your butt kicked from Dunsborough to Busselton if you changed your “look”. I do think a coffee machine would go down well in your gallery though. So it looks like it doesn’t matter how many APPAs you win, you won’t have “made it” until you have had a piece of fruit and an “adult toy” named after you – do you really want to go there?

  24. […] […]

  25. Too right Muzz. Fletcher has a long way to go before he’s ‘made it’ like me 😉

    Mr Bettini, I have never met you, but must you swear on this blog by asking who Peter Lik is??!!!?? Blasphemy! However, I do think you are correct in stating he was the frontman of a failed 80s boy band. A Ha i think it was called! LOL!!

  26. Very entertaining 🙂

  27. Thanks guys very entertaining!

  28. Classic interview guys……. was not sure if that was Tom or that Austrian guy, whats his name, BRUNO, that was here in australia recently at the very beginning of the interview…

    Either way, great vid guys. Its good to get an insight into the minds of two talented photogs like your selves.

  29. Wow, that Photobat guy’s work seems to have over shadowed that whole interview! I can’t wait to see him speak with Christian in September over in Western Australia, that is going to be great!

    Oh that Tom guy is ok too… he’s a pretty flash dresser. Oh and good photo taker guy.

    nice Video mr christian

  30. Get your hand off it Wombat!

  31. I think Wombat is right Tommy unfortunately, looking forward to hearing him speak too over here in the West.

    Year I was thinking Bruno too Rod.

  32. so this is the putty ive been hearing about… funny bloke you are, Stakky approved with that voice at the start. that was priceless, i almost believed it. Great photographs as well.

    oh, uncross your legs next time though if you wanna be popular with the under 20’s. good tip there.

  33. so why has no one else picked that it is not in fact Bruno, or Bev Hill cop etcit is of course King Julian from Madagascar fame (OK, so that was Sasha’s voice anyway) Great interview, and looking forward to seeing what you do

  34. Linda – GOLD! LOL!

    “Oh Stop it! You are so annoying!”

    “I love them, I love them! I loved them BEFORE I even saw them!”


  35. So now I have another great blog to follow, thanks for bringing me over to here Tom!!! Good to see you are keeping out of mischief, and now I am going to drool over Christians’ work too. Thanks for the great vid Christian, I am blown away just looking at the clarity of your shots

    Maurice, come over here and type for me, my fingers are getting tired…….

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