Melbourne City Tutorial


This is my latest tutorial with some pretty cool techniques for creating stylized images from a boring old blue sky. I have been asked many times how I do this, if you look back on my Christian Fletcher blog you will see images that look like they were taken at night but in fact were shot in the middle of the day, this is the technique I use to get that look. You can purchase this tutorial for $12.95. Buy Now


~ by christianfletcher on August 20, 2009.

7 Responses to “Melbourne City Tutorial”

  1. Another excellent Tutorial mate!

    Once again there were a couple of tips that the tutorial sorted out for me. One being how to use the Guassian Blur Filter. I went to use it last night on my Bears photo in fact but was a little confused how to only apply it to a few areas. Your tutorial sorted it out for me very nicely!!

    I am sure anyone who buys it will get great value for money and will learn many a good tip again in there. I have also found that having the tutorial available on my desktop is really handy so that I can quickly go back and refer to each one knowing which tutorial features what tips!

    Thanks Mate!


  2. Thanks Markie for the wrap, The old Gaussian blur trick gets em every time!!

  3. G’day Christian,
    Yes, compared to other cities, Perth is a bit bland!
    hope you have a good trip on True North, look forward to seeing what you come back with!
    Where would I find some info on image requirements for your stock photo library?


  4. The first thing you have to do Tim, is to get the images approved by the man himself!!



  5. Great tutorial CF, thanks. I have a question though. How do you arrange your desktop to have the picture in a window, and have photoshop running in full screen mode with the menu bar. Every time I switch to that view my image sits in embedded in the grey background. Thanks.

  6. i think you might mean the black background I had behind the main image? I basically made up a black slide to cover all the stuff on my desktop as it is pretty full of clutter. So that way everything looked clean. I just created a new page filled it with black and kept it there as a background. An old Matt Lauder trick learnt from the man himself! I hope that is what your asking???

  7. Nice tutorial mate, will come in handy for some shooting I will be doing soon as I’m heading off to Melbourne next month and will hopefully have a 16-35mm lens with me as well. Looking forward to that lens.

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