Photography conference in Perth


Click the above link to open a pdf on a conference that is coming up in Perth in September. I am one of the keynote speakers along with three other top Australian photographers. If you want a cool day out that will teach you some great stuff and get you enthusiastic about photography don’t miss it. You can book by calling Paul at Fitzgeralds. See you there with your TNFP shirts on.


~ by christianfletcher on August 21, 2009.

9 Responses to “Photography conference in Perth”

  1. That sounds like it would be quite a good day Christian, Im not sure what im up to yet, hopefully closer to the date when I know whats goind on there will still be spots available.


  2. I think it’s going to be fantastic, or maybe i’m just looking forward to the warmer weather.
    Either way, i’m looking forward to implanting some Tassie know how to those all over there.

  3. this isnt the light fantastic thing is it?
    sounds pretty awesome, ill check it out

  4. hey CF ill see you there should be a good day

    phil b

  5. yep it will be good, looking forward to the amazing Tassie devil wombat. He is a mate of Tommy Putt so he has to be good!!

  6. bloody awesome im looking forward to it

  7. 6 days till the True North mate!!

  8. bugger wish i was coming along with you guys on that one, it would be an awesome adventure

  9. you bet Mark, I’m so busy though I don’t have time to get excited. Have to start thinking about tutorials and workshops etc. I think cruising out of Broome with a cocktail in hand it will all be brought home what an adventure we are embarking on.

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