True North Mark in action


Here is a couple of pics of Markie Mark, getting wet all in the name of photography. He managed to get soaked by a wave standing on the top of this cliff face, just a big further back and then got the bottom half wet on the beach. Later that day he walked 12kms in bare feet at Lamington National Park and then topped it off with a shower under a raging waterfall in Springbrook NP. The guy is a water rat!! I didn’t get a drop on me!!! Land lover!!!


~ by christianfletcher on August 24, 2009.

20 Responses to “True North Mark in action”

  1. Everone should take a leaf out of this man’s book! Definitely doesn’t hold back if a potential image requires a bit of effort!!!

  2. thats it, and if you go out with him on a shoot be prepared for adventure. Please excuse the quality of these pics too I was a bit rushed today and i wasn’t looking for perfection. And yes Mark there is a bit of a halo around those rocks!!!! doh!!!

  3. Nice pics mate…must be the subject matter!!

    Didn’t see a halo at all….thought it was just my natural aura!!D)

  4. yes you have a glow about you Mark hehe

  5. this man is a machine there is no stopping him i agree with ric if there is an image out there worth getting then he defenatly goes that extra mile and to walk thru a rain forrest in bare feet i think mine would of been cut to shreads


    p.s. thanks for the comments on my blogg christian nice to get feed back from the master

  6. There is method in my madness Phil!!

    I hate wearing shoes because I was brought up in Dampier and I never wore shoes up there, so when ever I get a chance to go barefeet that’s me!!

    I did do the righty and try to wear thongs on the Rainforrest gig with Nick and CF, but it wasn’t long before they were hooked into the back pack and I was back to my comfortable norm…bare foot!



  7. Mark, you should get some vibram five fingers, all the rage with barefoot runners.

    • Thanks Jamie, I will have a look at them, but in reality I don’t really need shoes because the soles of my feet are like shoes!!

  8. I love being barefoot, but wet forrest action, cut feet, leeches.. only want to do that once thanks. How do you do it mark? a lifetime of conditioning? 😉

  9. cool pics of Mark out and about there…I concur and if you are going to do something you might as well do it properly and have a real crack at it.

    even though it is an action shot of Mark ( *see movement of arm ) – Watch out for Flemming and the horizon police with that first one – ouch 🙂

  10. Mark had two leeches get him on that walk. As for the horizon Tony, at least the rocks are straight 🙂

  11. very true -no problems with the vertical rock police 😉

    looks like the fingal head basalt rocks to me – if so.. nice spot ! I screwed my images up when I was there last year..

    • CF should just use my excuse for the horizon straightness…’it’s an optical illusion’!!



  12. hah crazy bare foot! lucky you have that 1ds sounds like you need it!

  13. Crazy or not…I get around and it works for me!! Think of the dollars I have saved over the years on not needing to buy joggers!!

    Can’t wear a watch either as I get Ganglions so I have saved heaps there to!!

    I am very glad that I run a 1D…the 5D would have toast by now!



  14. true that mark the 5d couldnt hold up with that much punishment

    go the 1ds they rule

    phil b

  15. After reading this it makes me even more pumped to be going to PNG with Mark in November…….

    Im sure we will come back with some killer images for sure, as will you guys in the Kimberleys…. Have fun mate

  16. You bet Rod!!

    PNG has the most diverse range of photo opportunities that I have seen anywhere really. From the kick butt tropical scenes, to amazing waterfalls, volcanoes, huge mountain ranges, war history, volcanic steam baths and then the stunning culture and all the ceremonies that they put on for us…simply beautiful in every sense of the word!!

    You will get gigabytes full of good stuff mate I can guarantee you that!!



  17. F*&k… Are we there yet ?

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