Wanted old versions of Photoshop

If anyone out there has old legitimate copies of CS2, or CS3 with serial numbers that they want to sell let me know as I might have buyers for you. They have to be deactivated from your computers so they can be used. Cheers


~ by christianfletcher on August 24, 2009.

7 Responses to “Wanted old versions of Photoshop”

  1. Christian, you could try ebay, you may have some luck there.

  2. Christian what platform? I may have CS3 for PC!! I will check

  3. had a look on ebay James, didn’t find much but I must say I’m not full bottle on it.

    Antonio I don’t mind, either is fine.

  4. I might have CS3 for mac… ill check tonight when I get home ok

  5. I have CS2 which i’m not using anymore. Send me an e-mail for details.

  6. I have a copy of CS3 Extended for PC that I need to get rid of. I believe it is the educational version (purchased from my university as a student). Let me know if you are interested and how I get in touch with you.

  7. I have CS2 for mac and win which i am no longer using if you are still interested.

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