Hot nikon news

I type this from my death bed. Don’t worry no need to send get well gifts but the gallery will accept them.

I am privy to some pretty cool news for Nikon users, that cool in fact that I might have lots of Canon gear going cheap. Can’t spread the news yet but let’s just say it will be tipping the scales in nikons favour.

~ by christianfletcher on August 26, 2009.

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  1. Hot news indeed mate!!

    Can’t wait to hear the real goss!

    About time Canon got a bit of a shake up. They have been a bit cocky lately eh!!

    Hope you are feeling better and I have finally worked out how to change my Gravitar!!




  2. Doh…didn’t change but!!!

  3. Is it an affordable 3:1 or 617 digital format camera to piss stitching off? Thats what I would really like.

    Get well!

  4. Bring it on, They have always had the edge though, nice big clear pixels. HaHa

    Don’t go and die on us now, just stay away from those stinking airports etc. A bit of good clean Kimberly air will fix you up if you can make it up there.

  5. oh my… that is not very good news. From Canon promoter to Nikonian 😦 what is the world coming to?

  6. And you’ve only just got the new tilt lens! What is the world coming too?


  8. hmmm, I wonder what the news is? Must be good if you would consider dumping the 5D MII! Maybe a D700s or are they finally releasing the D4? Very exciting… but either way, outside my budget 😦

  9. Hmmm….the VL1 mates with the D700x, resluting in the Uber-Cam? Or maybe AF through sensor, video only firmware????

  10. Hey Christian
    Good to see you are finally coming to your senses. Can’t wait to hear what the news is, but it must be pretty significant to have you consider switching.


  11. Id convert for a digi pano cam 🙂 but otherwise wait canon should have a new 1d out soon 🙂

  12. Death bed? Hope its not too bad.

    Is the news that Tommy Putt will be moving to Nikons or that you’ve managed to get the TNFP filter into Nikons? 🙂

  13. if your dying can I take your spot on the boat mate ? Nikon huh, just when I was getting used to Canon and the way things are all back to front this is thrown at me huh… lucky I have not invested in those lenses I was thinking about huh…

  14. Let me guess??? Nikon are releasing a 24 MP full frame sensor to leapfrog the 5D Mark II?!!?

    Canon will take the lead again before too long. Remember they do have 50% SLR market share compared with Nikon’s 15!!

  15. Nothing to worry about …whatever it is Canon will match it and better it !!!

  16. I have a nikon tattoo. well not really, but I’m loyal like that.

  17. No sooner will Nikon release something Christian Canon will out do them again stay loyal brother!! I hear some big news for Canon too mate!!

  18. In this digital world there will always be something new that will amaze us all and then in no time it will be expected. Look at the 5D Mark II’s release. Boy there was some excitement there. Look forward to seeing what Nikon has to offer, but as the guys have said Canon isn’t about to be out done by Nikon. Look at their D90 with SD video and then Canon brings out Full HD.

  19. I agree with the others, despite how cool it may seem, canon are almost certain to match it or beat it with there next models, thats just the competitiveness nature of the industry. They will always be trying to outdo each other. I vote you stick with canon, but i still cant wait to find out what they both will bring out next. Have a good time up north you lucky bugger, the weather will be great up there now. cant wait to see what you come back with.


  20. Wow…you must be ill if you are singing Nikons praises hee hee Hurry up and spill the beans I was just on the verge of changing over to Canon!! Hope you feel better soon.

  21. its probably not gonna be a pano cam, i doubt any camera company would bulk release an affordable 1×3 format considering its only aimed at landscape photographers. IF it IS though id wait for canon to leapfrog the hell out of it. I mean, after that workshop with all canon users your not going to survive very well with nikon.

    but: *cmon cheap 5dmk2 and 100-400mmL…*

  22. oh and get better soon as well mate, nearly forgot!

  23. OK Canon Zealots… I can’t let this opportunity go by… I just can’t…. Why not stir the pot a little!!!! Shit! I’m going to be shooting with some of you zealots next April in Karijini anyway, so why not lob a few pot shots out there and start revving things up.

    It is clear and obvious to all of us in Camp Nikon that Christian has just “seen the light” (You can now all respond with a “Hallelujia” if you want). So lets not bag somebody who has just awoken from a deep sleep. He’s seen the light… lets encourage him!!!!


    Ok Canon zealots…. bring it on. I can’t wait for Karijini and the stirring. Game on 😀


  24. It’s clear what has happened.

    The poor boy is ill , and whatever medication he is on has effected his clear thinking.

    He will be back to his usual self soon enough, but at the moment he is not on the same planet as the rest of us.

  25. Go Nikon … I just want the freakin 85 !

  26. Christian, did I not hear you say that it is not what you have, but how you use it??
    I was a staunch Nikon user in the film days and I put them through hell as a surfing/sailing photographer. I chose Canon this time because I think they are just as good, if not better in digital imaging.
    Be staunch my friend!

  27. guys Canon press release on 1st of sept! omg! wait and see Canon will bring the goods lol, Canon for Image quality and Nikon for heaps of buttons, noinks!

  28. Oh Canon! Where would you be without the 5D MII? Go Nikon. 🙂

  29. Christian would never give up his 5D mark II. He told me that he took it to bed with him the day he got it!

  30. Tom…I’d believe that !!

  31. id just look at you awkwardly and wonder what sort of people i talk to on these blogs. Bed with a 5d mk2?

  32. Well guys and girls, all very interesting comments, all valid, well most of them are. It is true Canon have done some things better but they still don’t handle noise as well as the Nikons. They are both great companies but in the end I will choose a company that can offer me some support, and I mean real support and give this blogging community the respect it deserves. Together we amount to a huge buying group and our opinions are spread far and wide. Such is the success of this blog and it is due to you guys who visit.
    I say we need to let the big companies know that the consumer or prosumer market is bigger that the fully pro market so why do they get behind people that are only known by other pros. I doubt any of you have heard of most of the pro shooters in this country, I know I haven’t so what good is it getting behind them?
    I’m sounding a little jaded I know, must be the swiney!!

    And as I did once say, “it’s not what you got it’s how you use it” Still I’m a gear whore and can’t help but get the latest equipment. When a company gets too big and powerful it looses touch with us the common folk. I think Nikon need to get some power back, otherwise we will eventually get no service or respect.

    Sean from The Margaret River Discovery Company taught me about the win win relationship. It works so well and it worked for us. He used some of my photos to help illustrate his new business and in return he helped promote my business to others. It worked so well that within weeks I had a referral from him that made us over $5000. Much more than if I had charged him to use the photos. I now have contacts with Tourism WA amongst others and have met one of the Redbull Pilots. All thanks to Sean and the win win relationship.
    Canon, Nikon are you listening???

  33. Well clearly fletcher was trying to push up his stats on wordpress and go for a world record comment count and I think the rusty bastard may have achieved just that!
    Anyway fletch what will you do with all your Mac stuff, Canon and Mac work so well together its just a given and now that Snow leopard is due out in the next day or so I think you should re think and pop a few more pills and get your fever under control, your scaring us, anyway the light is crap for photography on the dark side !


  34. Well said Christian,

    Canon need to get their act together for sure. I have seen it so many times where big companies rest on their lorels and forget who helped get them there and then someone keen slips in under the game. As an example, Austal Ships got into the market by taking on Fjelstrand who were the Canons of the ferry world and were complacent. Austal took an order off them in Hong Kong that turned out to be a 29 vessel order over time. They are now the largest aluminium shipbuilding company in the world and Fjelstrand don’t build ferries any more!!

    Now Austal are at risk of doing the same thing. They struggle to be competitive in the sub 40m bracket!!

    History has a habit of repeating itself…just like the financial crisis we just went through!!



  35. Yep thats it Mark, no company is immune from the will of the people, time will show who got it right and who got it wrong.

  36. LOL Adrian, I’m getting better so the head is clearing, maybe too much.

  37. Geeze Canon must of really pissed you off CF!

  38. I think that you will find that it is not an action that has upset the Master Dave…but the ‘innaction’!!!

    Just think about all the Canon gear that CF promotes through this blog and via his tutorials. I myself have bought a 50mm prime, a G10 for the boat, a 50d for the boat, 3 x L series lenses for the boat and a PF 6200 printer for me and the list goes on. Everyone that CF influences is currently being steered Canons way and no one in Canon is taking notice!!

    Well maybe…just maybe they should follow the blog and understand the pwoer of the people!!



  39. Well said again Mark, you nailed it in one. That some serious money you have spent on Canon gear. Dave it is also a long story that I’ll tell you about one day mate. How were the wildflowers??

  40. I’m not quite sure what your trying to say…….are you trying to change the world ?

    Has your 5d2 crapped out or something?

  41. What I am saying is I’m going to keep my options open. When the new Nikon gear comes out I will be having a real good look at it. Don’t sell your canon gear just yet. In fact don’t sell it, buy some of mine. If it comes up for sale that is.

  42. You’ve got a tiger by the tail now mate!!

  43. Yep, remember we talked about the controversy angle yesterday!!!

  44. That was today mate I think…or is the swine getting me too!!!

  45. As Dave said ” Geez something has really pissed you off ”

    Can’t believe I’m seeing you mention Nikon as an option for you.

    Seriously, I think most guys who comment on here probably have a lot of money tied up in gear relative to their situation be it Canon or Nikon or otherwise and are unlikely to just sell it off, lose money and start again. That probably covers 99.9% of amateur photographers around the world. Camera companies are well aware of this loyalty so they are not likely to change either.

    I’m happy with what I have but then again I don’t rely on it for my living.

  46. I think you have missed the point Merv!

    There is no doubt that what you have and most everyone else has they will be used to it and it will be a relatively good bit of kit. Christian told me that one of the APPA awards this year was won by an Iphone shot, so in reality anything is OK so long as it works for you.

    The point Christian is making is who is he going to support from here on and what will the new breed of photographers buy on his recommendation, that read his blog and go to his tuts etc???

    That is the twenty four million dollar question!!!

  47. Yes I’m hearing you Mark and I get the point.

    No disrespect to Christian at all, but the number of buyers he sends to a certain brand are a very small percentage of buyers in the overall scheme of things.

    Are the companies going to take any notice of that?

    Thats the fifty million dollar question !!!

  48. Like I said in my earlier comment, it is when companies start getting into a false sense of security believing they have the market by the balls and no one can touch them is when they are most vulnerable.

    It starts like a snowball and then very quickly turns into an avalanche. It happens in every business. When big companies get there they lose the eye of the tiger and the up and coming team go for the throat and just whittle away at their monopoly until it is not a monopoly any more.

  49. Canon are a bit like that at the moment with the market share, saying that what they have been doing is working so they arn’t really trying to make big changes etc, unlike Nikon who have come along way in a short amount of time! It seems a case of Nikon releasing a camera and Canon retaliating with a camera slightly better.

  50. I think you’re right, Canon do have the lions share of the market, especially in WA. Time they gave us, but mostly those that promote them for free something back. I think that with market share as it is they could be resting on their laurels. Mr Parin’s very happy with his new Nikon, I was impressed with the result too. Mr Duncan is promoting Panasonic ‘Point & Shoot’ cameras. Give it 2 years and I’ll be updating all my kit, Ebay makes it easy to offload equipment so lets see who wins out?

  51. A sponsorship in the making maybe? Wildflowers were great. Heading up there again this weekend to try and get a few better pics. And yes I’ll be taking my trusty Canon – noise and all. Goodnight fellas!

  52. I guess time will tell.

    Christian , take a Bex and have a good lie down….(:

  53. I wonder if the white coats are reading this blog? The same white coats that sat in a dark room at Nikon and listened to the sound their shutters made, and adjusted them until they all got goosebumps…the sweet, soulful sound of a nikon shutter.

    At canon, someone bent over thier grandmother and slapped them on the arse with a plastic wooden spoon, and everyone thought, ‘hey, that sounds like a Canon shutter…should we fix it? Nah, let’s continue with the old plastic theme.’ 😉

    That should do the trick for another 50 comments on this post CF…

  54. Nothing like a bit more controversy to keep the debate going Dave!! Great description…shame that I have such an over active imagination….yuk!

  55. Hopefully there’s enough ‘cannon’s and ‘nikon’s mentioned that google picks up on this, then you’ll have a greater audience. Christian wouldn’t do so bad out of that either 😉
    Good on ya mate i say!!! STICK IT TO THE MAN!!!

  56. So CF – sounds more complicated than just the gear. Do you think Nikon has a better reputation for customer support than Canon? Keep an eye on the threads at – if you’re not dead by September 1st we may see what Canon has to offer…. Then again, if it’s not just about the gear it may not make any difference 😉

  57. haha funny posts fellas, Yeah this is all just a publicity stunt!! I wanted more hits on my blog!!!

    Actually that is a lie, I’m deadly serious, notice the word DEADLY in that sentence! I will cough all over Canon if they don’t play ball, Nikon too for that matter. Swine flu is a lethal weapon and should only be used for good not evil. Were is that Tommy Putt guy need to cough on him.
    Muzz the new Canon is on the way out, what I know is it is called the 7D. I know more but have been sworn to secrecy as I am still a Canon stooge!!!
    Nikons announcement will be more exciting I think.

  58. The way I understand it the 7d is not a 5d replacement.

    Nikon are said to bringing out a camera with a built in projector… gee we’ll all want one of those.

    Christian , you need a break man, go away and give all those rich yanks the swiney and have a good rest.

    Have a good trip mate.

  59. Merv I am so close now, one more sleep!! Yes true I do need a break, but this is a working gig so I don’t think I will be getting it. There will be no lying around in the sun getting waited on. I will still enjoy it though mate. cheers

  60. Don’t tell me – they are going to release a camera with an inbuilt phone!

  61. wow were to start um i can see your point canon are being very arrogant the after sales service from canon is shocking and also in relation to there wide format printers that i run at the shop took them 2 weeks to get back to me with a fix for a printer driver issue with certain types of media lets just say i figured the damm thing out on my own with regards to nikon i have this argument on a daily basis, i have heard rumers on the vine that they might be releasing a D700x wich is rumered to be 24mp and have full hd vid that will eat the 5dmk2 for breaky i my self being a canon 1ds user have contemplated switching on a number of times

    the major companies need to sit up and take notice of the little people thats how they got to were they are today

    thats my thoughts on the matter


  62. p.s get well soon christian and enjoy your trip mate


  63. Speaking of equipment…
    I recently sent some files to be printed large and they looked like a mess when they came out. Now thinking I have to abandon my Cinema Display for an Eizo ColorEdge! What screens and calibration tools do you guys use to make sure everything comes out accurate when printing large???

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  65. Dont do it Christian! I’ve been shooting with some very good friends a few times who have D700’s and D3x’s and shooting exactly the same scene with exactly the same Lee filters there is no comparison between the results. Nikon’s just cant capture the same colours as the 5dmkii!

  66. HOT CANON NEWS !!!!!!

    Canon are soon releasing a camera with 86meg res. self levelling, voice activated controls, built in printer, and an expresso machine built into the back.

    It is rumoured that it will automatically delete bad shots ….but I don’t believe that bit.

    It will weigh just 520 grms but the battery will weight 115 kg.

    It must be true , cause I saw it on the internet.

  67. wow 67 comments this has really got every one stired up Christian I find all companies products have there advantages and dis advantages will just have to wait to see what the news is and keep an eye on your for sale page 🙂

  68. i dont see what all this fuss is about… before i knew crap all about cameras i had a canon a430 or something and it was an incredibly good camera, no problems ever. I bought the 400d because id already established canon seemed the best brand out there and since then i haven’t really put any effort into trying different brands. Upon saying that, i picked up a cheap pentax slr yesterday and i was amazed to find the build quality was far better then my 400d. Image quality was almost as good as well. The point is it doesnt really matter what sort of camera you use as long as its good enough for what you want… canon seems far more appealing then nikon because the picture given (pun not intended) is that canon is far more casual and fun whilst remaining professional at the same time. The smooth canon logo alone says that compared to the yellow nikon square.

    The REAL point here is that im rambling. Moral of story: The brand doesnt matter, the product does.

  69. lol sean ^^

    look out man, that’s what converted me to pentax, probably the only pentax person in here!

  70. Watch for the announcement by Canon at 1pm AEST today. It will be on my blog as well as every other photo-news site no doubt.

  71. Mate Canon HAVE listened to you – they have released the 7D with a dual axis level to get your horizon straight every time 🙂

  72. Like Muzz said:

    “The EOS 7D is also the first EOS to introduce a Dual-Axis Electronic Level – in the viewfinder and on the LCD – that indicates both pitch and roll angles. This feature is particularly useful when shooting landscapes to ensure a level horizon, or when used in conjunction with a Tilt and Shift lens to level the camera.”

    CF – they had a whole division of engineers at Canon working on this just for you, ya lucky bastard!!! 😀

    Btw, would this mean you could land a plane with the 7D if you duct taped it to the dashboard?

  73. 7d looks pretty average actually… id like it a bit more if it was full frame… but 18 megapixels? bit of a random number… electronic level sounds good though and then again 18 would be better for stitching… and 3000 bucks cheaper. Maybe my next cam who knows?

  74. 8 fps , 18 mp , 1.6 crop, new gen sensor, perfect sports camera , it’ll be my second body asap, goodbye 40d.

    The electronic level has been on Nikons for a while.

  75. I agree Merv, perfect 2nd body next to a 5D Mk II – even uses the same batteries! Crop factor means it is brilliant for zooms and 8 fps is something I have needed on more than one commercial shoot. Gotta get one before I take off into the world, sell my old 5D Mk I and my 20D and have 5DMk2 + 7D !

  76. Didn’t notice the same battery’s Flemming but at last some common sense on that front.

  77. Hoping that the D700x will be a really competitor with the 5dMk2 (price and resolution), and hoping we will see before the end of this year, or before the spring.

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  81. Haha, I just got my new D300s, what do you have to share??

    and get well soon?

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  83. Can you give any hint about WHEN?

  84. I’m a nikon fanboy so I just want to hear about the nikon stuff, I’ve never heard of a cannon, is that a camera company?

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  86. Cam’on Christian you are creating some big rumors around the globe (nikonrumors linked your site) give us more infos, pleaseeee (i’m planning to switch to canon 5dmk2 but your moving is forcing me to know why you are planning the opposite move) 🙂

  87. Seems obvious to me, your boy Christian has either signed a deal with Nikon to feature in adverts or he’s looking for body features that Canon seems to spoon feed us ever so slowly, or perhaps both…

    As for the first possibility consider how valuable to Nikon such an esteemed Canon convert would be. Wouldn’t be the first time a big company did that sort of thing.

    As for the second possibility, it’s the only reason I’ve ever contemplated a move, though only after they moved to CMOS, their CCD’s were horrible, my wife shot with hand-me-down D70 so I can attest to this.

    The Nikon is button/switch overload, but some of them are quite useful to have compared to burying into a menu. However, that’s also the part about Nikon bodies that frustrates me sometimes, hold this button, turn that switch, hit that toggle…

    In a nutshell the one simple feature I’ve really been waiting for from the Canon pro-sumer lineup is full up weather sealing. Others include a built in AF assist beam (while I use my 580x most of the time I’d like a built in one), a nifty removable screen protector like Nikon, +-5 EV, ISO 50 or less.

    BTW the 7D’s tilt sensor is nice and that scratches one more “that would be nice” feature off my “should I move list.”

    BTW in all honesty this Canon Nikon rivalry, with the Nikon folks saying they’re the underdog is laughable. Canon and Nikon are the big guys (Google and Microsoft). It’s the Pentax, Sony, Olympus, Sigma (what ever happened to Foveon) crowd that are the underdogs (though Sony’s high ISO performance is the worst I’ve ever seen). If anything it’s both Nikon and Canon who have gotten to big… We’ll see.

    • I think on this reply that you hit the nail on the head squarely with respects to canon and Nikon, they are the big boys on the block although Canon is much much larger of a company.
      anyhow, the part of the comment that really interested me is that thing about buttons and camera functionality.
      I have big fingers and manipulating those tiny little buttons is time consuming when I could be getting the shot.
      My old manual film camera was fast and easy to run compared to the new buttons everywhere type of digital camera.
      don’t get me wrong I’m a digital convert.
      just really liked how you said your piece in this comment that I wanted to reply to it.

      all the best,

      Evan Spellman

  88. Christian, I have cash in hand to go buy a D700 today… should I wait a week or two to buy or should I wait? Your PERSONAL opinion would be great. Thanks.

  89. I ran into this blog on Nikon Rumors and just want to say thanks for posting it.
    I don’t know Chris or his photography at all but sure am very interested now.
    this blog has many good points of view and I find the straight forward attitude refreshing.
    I personally started out with Nikon and Nikkormat camera’s in the early 70’s even though I’m only 47.
    I must say that its the eye behind the camera that counts and the camera is just an extension of that minds eye.
    For my own part I don’t own a lot of equipment do to raising a family but I’m not happy with the digital Camera’s Canon make, I’ve come to the opinion that Nikon and Canon both are guilty of playing the big business game of making profits but I think the Nikon gear has more up to date functionality in the Digital world.
    They have the gear I want, low light gear that I don’t need to pack a tripod everywhere in order to get that shot.

    anyhow, was in the land down under for 3 months back in ’86 sure wish I could go back and visit again some time soon.

    all the best to you chris and if your under the weather a bit hope that you get on your feet and running again very soon !

    Evan Spellman

  90. I used to shoot canon for 10 years, but the 14-24 f/2.8, and 24-70 f/2.8 sold me. These lenses out resolve primes. Canon looks so soft on the edges. The only lasting investment is in the glass… Lets wait and see what the D4 brings

  91. I’m in exactly the same position as Jon and would much appreciate your opinion. Thanks!

  92. With the release of the 7D Canon have just enticed this xxxD shooter who was on the verge of upgrading to a xxD to reach that little bit further to a xD camera. If only someone would get this XXXL T-shirt wearer to strive past the XXL and into an XL then I could get into one of those fabulous iTNFP T-shirts – can Nikon do that for me Fletch??!! 😉

  93. Just a note from a purely video user of the 5D mk2 . The more I use it the more it shits me. Come on Canon sort out the panning stutter in the raw footage from the camera, give us auto focus, and how about 25fps so us PAL countries don’t have to convert from 30fps. Before you guys bang on about the stutter being caused by a slow computer or the way the footage is converted for editing, this problem is being recorded in the camera not the transcoding. Why cant I get fluid panning in camera without this stutter occurring every few seconds? It has ruined 70% of my footage and I cant seem to get a solution other than look at another camera. If any of you guys out there know what I’m doing wrong please let me know and dont say you should shoot video with the shutter speed between 50th and 60th of a second because I have tried that and it doesn’t work.

    If Nikon are reading this dont give us the quality we want and then leave us wanting for the functionality we need to shoot proper video productions otherwise you are just offering a novelty feature in a stills camera. Hey maybe thats all it was supposed to be so maybe I should go back to a dedicated video camera. Oh shit I just sold my XHA1 but how can I use it when the 5D’s footage looks so good. Just a word of warning, don’t move the FN thing if you want to be able to use the footage.

    I’m so disillusioned I’m almost ready to give the whole thing away. F@#K F@%K F@*K

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  95. Maybe you have answered your own question Mike, the video is a novelty thing and not the real deal.

  96. gday mike with regards to the slow video panning, you maybe already doing this but what type of cards are you using and are they at least a 300x write speed cause i noticed it jumped around abit when i was using slower cards

    just a thought


  97. Mike, have you tried using VLC as in this article: or MPEG Streamclip

  98. Hi Phil. I’m using the recommended Sandisk Extreme 4 cards. They should be up to it but if someone has a better card please let me know.

    Muzz, the problem is occurring in the camera not when it is played back on a computer. I am going to try and test a brand new camera tomorrow at PRA and if it still does it it is a major problem for the 5D mk2 and it will need to be addressed before it can be used in a professional way.

  99. There is some interesting reading on the net about this, and you’ll also find it can happen on Nikon DSLRs and RED cameras, dedicated video cameras and apparently even 35mm film (there is even an ASC Manual of Cinematography that gives charts of panning speeds for different focal lengths and frame rates that hold it all together). 30fps also seems to be relevant. A lot of the 5D2 info suggests it plays perfectly in camera (LCD screen) but that it is related to playback in different hardware configurations and some users are able to report it is fine on some applications/configurations/systems but not on others. Seems a complicated issue.

  100. Sure is Muzz. As I said I’m going to put it to the test tomorrow and if it does it the same way as mine does I’m going to be searching for some answers from Canon. It is definitely happening in camera on mine as you can see it through the playback preview on the camera. You can also watch it happening as you record or even when not recording. It’s a real achilles heel in this camera if it cant be sorted out.

  101. Hey Mike you might like to have a look at this one if you haven’t seen it. Not sure it address’e your issue’s fully but it my be a lead for something.

    Thank Tony Middleton for the link.

    We’re all here to help……(:

  102. hey mike

    ive used silicon power 300x and didnt have the issue i think the extreen 4s are 250x but not a 100% on that im at gerry gibbs tomorrow if ya wanna come by and try one and have a chat seen as your gonna be in perth


  103. you should try the 7d as well when it comes out, it has the same shooting quality but 2 digic 4 processors instead of the 5d’s 1. could be writing problem to do with speed instead of a glitch in the camera.

    When you have answers, canya let me know? if i buy a 7d or 5d mk2 im gonna be shooting video as much as stills

  104. Hi Mike,
    I’m not sure if this is the same issue, but Vincent Laforet mentions in a recent post the “Jello effect – is something that is an inherent weakness with any CMOS sensor.”

  105. Out of interest, see the sales data for the camera manufactures recently? …

  106. Hi everyone who’s been offering suggestions to my stuttering footage. I have been doing some testing today with my 5D (I didn’t get to PRA to do a test with a new camera). I have to eat my words in relation to the camera being at fault. The camera LCD shows a stutter in the footage and when I play it back on my Mac it shows a stutter also. This is why I believed it to be in the camera. On viewing the footage over and over it appears the stutter was occurring at different parts of the footage each time. I took the raw footage in the CF card and loaded it onto Christians computer and the stutter was almost no existent. Hurray !!!!!!! at least I know now the 5D is not a piece of S#@T. I apologize hole heartedly to Canon. The 5D has just become my most favorite camera again.

    I’ll check the playback options you linked to Muzz and go from there. The strange thing is this stutter copies over into FCP when I edit so I need to get my footage playing back correctly first. I’ve got about 2 TB of jumpy footage. Now onto finding a solution.

  107. Hi Mike! On the shoot in Malaysia and Borneo we had the same problem, loaded scenes into FCP and it had these jumps / stutters. In this situation we also had to get the footage to co-exist with video from a JVC ProHD camera shot at 25 frames. So what Georg the video guy did was convert all the 5D MK ii footage to 720p and 25 frames using MPEG Streamclip software. Then everything was smooth as.

    We googled this and apparently FCP have problems with the native 5D MK ii files and MPEG streamclip conversion is the way to go.

  108. and hence the comment count hits the low 100’s, mostly made up of spam and whining about the 5d.

  109. […] debated Nikon D700x/s. The well known professional photographer Christian Fletcher wrote a new post on his blog that is quite interesting. During his years as a photographer he has mainly been […]

  110. […] debated Nikon D700x/s. The well known professional photographer Christian Fletcher wrote a new post on his blog that is quite interesting. During his years as a photographer he has mainly been […]

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