You have to do this!

kimberley mudMate I have died and gone to heaven. This is one hell of a trip and one hell of a boat. The stuff we have seen and done in two days. Don’t get me started on the heli or the awesome food. Heaps of fish caught today too. Get on it!! Here are a few pics hope you like.


buccaneer 2


~ by christianfletcher on August 31, 2009.

16 Responses to “You have to do this!”

  1. Yes I will if you……if you pay for it !!!!

  2. Nice piccies, there’s no sense of scale in the middle one. Is it a rock pool?

  3. Nice work buddy good stuff!!

  4. im with merv! bottom one is 5w33t.

  5. Very refreshing shots CF,
    Especially love the bottom one.

    Cannot wait to see more results.

  6. About time, I thought you may had gone for good, oh well the galleries would of been well looked after mate !
    I like the middle image of the rock pool, alternative art piece for my house

  7. Nice shots mate, cant wait to see more…. As for getting on the boat, I AM… under 60 sleeps to go mate but who is counting rite ?

  8. Looks good so far mate, loving that last photo, I would love to go on the boat at some stage, guess there is some saving that needs to be done now.


  9. You sure have some good views out of your office window mate! Sweet shots!

  10. awesome pics CF marks pics are awesome as well you guys are kicking ass

    cant wait to see more


  11. Sounds outstanding!

  12. Like the abstract dry Kimberley mud picture. The last picture looks manipulated, the shadows of the rocks doesn’t match the shadow cast by the boat/ship/cruise/ocean liner 🙂

  13. That middle one is brilliant. Love it. Now I know why you didn’t answer your phone. Lucky bastard.

  14. thanks for the comments guys, and yes the boat had a unique shadow.

  15. Very cool pics CF, would love to do it one day, cost may prevent that though …

  16. Yeah I’m up for it. Just need to wait til I’m rich and famous like you!!

    Love the pics!

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