Oh my God

mark night

secure bay


The title says it all, this trip is just getting better. tonight it is Raft Point which is just unbelievable and tomorrow morning a heli flight to the top of a mountain for the sunrise. So much ground still to cover. Ah the simple life!!!


~ by christianfletcher on September 1, 2009.

18 Responses to “Oh my God”

  1. The words lucky and bastard spring to mind… Some of us have to spend 3 days shooting timelapse photos while you get to have fun up North. I know where I would rather be 😦

  2. I know where I would rather be right now. That whale shot is awsome, would have been pretty impresive to see that aswell. I also like the secure bay shot, it looks nice and warm up there, its fricken cold down this end at the moment. Looks like your having a pretty good time up there. look forward to seeing more.


  3. Why would you go home.
    Freaking awesome shots, love the boabs and whale.
    You should sent that picture off to the environment minister Mr Garrett.
    Wildlife photographer of the year award right there.

  4. Lucky punk! Next time you need a wingman.. just let me know! By the way – nice images.. the whale is particularly cool.

  5. Love the last shot, great capture (and bloody hell that gas hub, aarrghh!! save the Kimberley).

    Looks absolutely mindblowingly amazing…must rob bank, be right back!

  6. I can’t believe I’m sitting in an office whilst you’re up there. Soooo jealous right now.

  7. You usual beautiful work CF. I’m assuming you remembered your tripod this trip cos you promised you’d call me up there if you forgot. Looks like Mark remembered his anyway – how long did you make him stand still for that shot? Can’t imagine it with plumes of pollution, miles of pipe and the odd dead protected species laying about the place…….

  8. wow what an amazing whale shot!
    but yeah- what a waste of such a beautiful place….

  9. i gotta get me on that boat…

  10. Stunning stuff Christian! Like everyone else, JEALOUS!

  11. living the rock star life! Really like the Boab tree shot.

  12. Christian,

    Awesome shots mate… I am assuming you guys are going to Mt Trafalgar… man, the fu*(&r is high mate, and drops nearly straight down… watch your stomach as you fly over the edge mate, the drop is a ball tearer…. I got some pics of my brothers chopper from the top of that mountain, its a very cool place indeed… ENJOY

  13. Looks Like you guys are getting some good pics, it helps to have a helicopter as well!!!!
    It’s an amazing area for sure.

  14. that last photo would make a very effective advertisement to deter any construction!!

  15. Green with envy. Another bunch of amazing shots for an already impressive portfolio.

  16. Awesome shots Christian ! very clean crisp images for sure ! love the message/title on the whale breaching image too.

    enjoy !

  17. Yea I agree Tony and Fletch. The awesome Kimberley is NOT the place for massive multinationals to set up shop and rape the environment! Neither is Barrow Island.

  18. Excellent shot of the whale breaching. Very envious of this trip!

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