Raft Point and more

raft point 2

raft point


Hi all, well the trip is getting better and better and to think I still have over a week left to go. Yesterday we had two heli flights, one for the sunrise to the top of the mountain at Raft Point and the other over Montgomery reef. The landscape is big epic and Australian, so I love it. True North is a dream come true for photographers, I have never experienced a trip like this before and probably wont again, well till he next trip on this amazing floating hotel. Time to start saving for the PNG trip next year. Markie has been going hard, trying to keep up with him but the guy is a machine. Today he was showing off his swan dive at Kings Cascades!! Will talk more about the trip when we get more internet time. Hope the weather is good back home 🙂


~ by christianfletcher on September 3, 2009.

19 Responses to “Raft Point and more”

  1. weathers fine….wish you were here !!!

  2. Raft Point looks quite spectacular and very special. Big wide open majestic Kimberley, I love it.

  3. Really nice mate!

  4. wow the reef image is spinning me out!
    really love it. how high up were you for that one??

    raft point looks like a stunning location, very nice light in the top image

    Flem may have been going easy on you with that one though… 😛 lol

    hope you got footage of the swan dive too! 🙂

  5. G’day Christian,
    Nice shots of Raft point mate! Unfortunately I didn’t get a chance to walk up the hill (or go by helo) but it is still one of the most impressive landscapes along the coast I reckon! Lucky bastard!
    hope you got to Ruby Falls as well, lokking forward to the rest of your images!


  6. Love the center shot with the light reflecting of the rock in the water …. I guess thats mark on the right there? May have to clone him out for the gallery print …

  7. All are stunning shots Christian – I can’t single out a favourite or a non-favourite ! 🙂

  8. I’m with Tony, All these photos look great. Majestic country alright.
    The weathers been pretty good here in downtown Northam this week, spring is starting to come on nicely. a lot of yellow paddocks with the canola in flower every where at the moment.

  9. Hey CF well the up and coming exhibition is one not to be missed. Its the fund raiser for PNG. 🙂 The future wife just told me I can go to PNG 2011/2012 so I will see you there, I suppose I should marry her now!
    Fantastic images I like them all, maybe a new book mate,then I could own all the images instead of one!

  10. Christian,

    Love the Montgomery Reef shot mate… its amazing. In case your interested, the weather here today was crap, but im sure you dont really care….. Keep em coming mate

  11. Amazing landscape and lookouts. That reef one is a cracker.

  12. yeah 1st and 3rd shots for me, that Reef shot is very nice!

  13. Awesome shots Christian !

    Cheers Lou

  14. Wow, freaking wow! Now I’ll have to save some more money for the PNG trip. The reef shot musta had the TNFP filter!

  15. Brilliant Christian…loven’ all these shots. Outstanding as always.

  16. Good Stuff Mate!!

  17. Love the middle shot. Shows this isolated rock in the middle of the bay. The evening sun on the face of the rock does add another dimension.

  18. thanks for all the great comments guys, I am one spoilt photographer. will try and answer all the questions when I get home. It is hard to get time on the net here, we are a bit restricted to what we can do. cheers

  19. All stunning shots Christian, sounds like its a dream up there.

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