Hello from True North

ruby falls

montgomery patterns

eagle creek

It is just under half way on my trip on True North and the weather is just getting better. Last night we did a group shot lit only by the moonlight. It was pretty good fun as there were probably 50 people on the front of the boat all trying to be still after a couple of hours of serious drinking. Will post the shot later. This trip is a dream, if you have the chance of doing it don’t let that chance go by. Five of the people doing this trip have now booked to do PNG with me next year for more photo fun.

As a side note my post about the new Nikon cameras coming out got put on a Nikon rumours forum, the result over 11,000 hits on the blog in one day. Now that is some serious numbers, you hearing this Canon???


~ by christianfletcher on September 4, 2009.

19 Responses to “Hello from True North”

  1. awesome shots Christian, I think my favorites of your trip so far. stunning the treatment on the 3rd one, is there a tutorial on this coming? I’m a sucker for reflections and the golden light of the first image reflecting off the rocks into the water is my choice for image of the trip …. So far 🙂

  2. Very inspiring photos you are producing from your trip CF.
    Loving your aerial reef and lagoon shot series.
    And that Eagle creek is awesome, love it.

  3. Firstly – Mark must be loving all these adds and the business its going to generate.

    Second – Third shot looks like one of mine

    Finally – I also read your other post on canon and nikon and didn’t really understand what you were trying to say, what were you trying to say? I have my theorys on what it says when a post like that generates so many hits, but I’m not going to say that here. I guess thats the society we live in today.

  4. They are really amazing shots Christian! True North is really getting a fantastic plug from your pics.. hope they are paying good money for it!! 🙂

  5. Looks like a great trip Christian , Looks like your getting some stunning images up there

  6. Nice image of Ruby Falls mate! The one time i did get up there was right on Dusk so had to come back. Saw what a nice spot it is on a fishing show!? There is some awesome scenery yet to come.

  7. Seems to be no shortage of amazing scenery on the True North trip, you keep posting very nice shots. 3rd one is my favourite by far here, lovely painterly high key effect!

  8. Hey Christian, these photos are amazing, I love the arials, there a scene that you hardly ever see and you have done them so well. The colour and shadows on the ruby falls photo are really nice aswell.


  9. Looks like your clocking up some serious air time in that chopper. 11,000 hits sure beats your 700 odd you got talking about the 5D Mk II

  10. love the Ruby Falls, and once again the aerial images- fantastic patterns

  11. Nice images, love the third one, looks like an awesome trip look forward to seeing more.

  12. Absolutely love the first and last shot… with the first shot being my favourite as it really shows the CF style image.

  13. the chopper reminds me… i met that john davidson pilot guy over work experience at jandakot. Remember him? he remembers YOU!

    Great shots by the way

  14. Man, I can’t decide which one I like better, the Ruby Falls or the Eagle Creek. Both are fantastic!

    What are the dates you’d be taking the trip next year? If I make some good sales in the next two months, I might be able to swing the trip while we are spending our sabbatical Down Under. It looks like a truly once in a lifetime opportunity.

  15. Love the waterfall shot. Looks like you guys are having a blast and visual feast, and wow, what a boat!

  16. thanks guys, we are at Hunter River today, even more special!!! Michael has to fly home today, sucker!!!
    Steve I am on trip 2 PNG, check out northstar website for more details.

    James I’m saying that Canon and Nikon both need to look at who buys their gear and it isn’t always just pros. They need to get behind people that relate to the pro consumer market, i.e. me!!

  17. Amazing.

  18. Awesome shots CF, looks like a wonderful holiday / work trip!!! Dont party to hard or get used to that lovely weather its ffffreezing here in Bunbury at the moment! LOL

  19. awsome pics mate!!

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