Hot Nikon Equipment

I have in my hand a list of all the new Nikon gear that is going to be released over the next year. I have to get permission to talk about it from my mates at Team Digital. Will keep you posted, I’m pretty excited. Thanks to Nikon Rumours for posting my comments, it has sent my blog balistic. Cheers


~ by christianfletcher on September 8, 2009.

9 Responses to “Hot Nikon Equipment”

  1. Unbelievable! I never thought this would happen to you Christian!

  2. Get amongst it! I knew not doing what everyone does would pay off – even if only for 15 min of glory haha

  3. Better get in your hand what Canon are bring out in the next year.

  4. do any of the items include the following terms:


  5. Hi Christian,

    You probably have the Nikon roadmap:

    Keep me informed, now you have my email 🙂

  6. Christian, is this just the roadmap that was released in July or do you have something special? Anyone would think this blog is turning into dpreview.

  7. So Im guessing (by reading your tags) that you are talking about the D4 and the D700x? Not exactly new news…

  8. If they sent him the “fake” Nikon Roadmap many photographers will cry. including me…

  9. If Team digital would officially have a list like that form Nikon, they wouldn’t be allowed to talk about it, not even telling anyone that they have it. Plus I doubt they would create a list like that for outsiders at all.
    If it’s not an official list, I think it would have made its way to the internet already.

    Either they’re talking about this (wish) list that was mentioned earlier here in the comments, or this whole thing is bogus, and just a way to attract “ballistic” attention to this blog.

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