More Montebellos

monties 3

There are so many little islands all around here. It is fantastic as the waters are alive. We saw about 20 sharks in the shallows chasing Turtles around, huge schools of fish feeding, whales and heaps of eagle rays in large groups. This morning we drifted over coral reef and visited several sandy islands. This place has it all.


~ by christianfletcher on September 26, 2009.

17 Responses to “More Montebellos”

  1. Nice pics Christian. Just wondering what exactly it is you are doing for Apache. I could be wrong but it seems like a slight conflict of interest being someone who photographs the beauty of nature?

  2. Hi Jas, yes a bit of a conflict. I am shooting landscapes for their new offices. I thought the best way to check out what they do to the environment was to see how they operate. I have to say I am no expert but the areas on and around the island that Apache leases looks pretty pristine. Still I would like to hear what the scientists have to say. I know they have very strict rules here and on Barrow Island.
    One thing to remember, what Apache is doing is nothing to what happened 30kms from here back after the war when they nuked this place. You can still only spend no more than an hour on Alpha Island before you start glowing.
    We have seen so much marine life and bird life that to me the place is flourishing. Still I am no expert. Have not seen any rubbish or other signs of man. In fact a turtle was laying its eggs right in front of the mess on the island, can’t be too bad! And BTW I’m not getting paid to blow Apaches trumpet, I will be the first one up in arms if they stuff something up. I guess there is always that risk of happening though, when you have any mining operation.

  3. Good to hear!! These big companies seem to spend SO much money on PR that sometimes you have to wonder what they are covering up. The problem is also that the Montebellos are a place that not many people see. Its not like Meelup beach were you would notice if someone was up to something!!

  4. Nice photo’s mate!! So long as they take care of the environment!! So there are things like this to photograph in the future!!

  5. My heart bleeds you poor bugger! Looks pretty nice though considering it was a nuclear test site only 50 yrs ago! Have you done any nuclear fishin’??

  6. I like em all mate!

    Seeing this suggests to me that maybe we should have the heli on the West Coast as well!!

    That is one of the cruises where we don’t have the heli at present.

    I really like the bottom 2 mate…see you tonight!



  7. Looking great CF, it would be good to see an exhibition of this subject. Great colours and textures.


  8. There once were three very fine fellows
    Who photographed the Montebellos
    Whilst on their vacation
    They forgot radiation
    And returned looking like toasted marshmallows…..

  9. Hey Christian,

    What about the dolphin that we saw in the channel at the Monte Bellos? That was so cool.


  10. Nice shots Christian!

  11. Was thinken bout you guys, thought I would check your blog to see what sort of nonsense you were upto, noticed that you used my surname in your rant on 14th Sep. The correct spelling is Caper.
    Hope you are all well

  12. Nice Shots Christian somthing about arial photos! btw my mate bought me a copy of your book from vasse felix winery, Very nice Book.

  13. Hi Cbristian,
    I like this one the best I think – the abstract composition works well and that water colour is deadset awesome !
    Rip ’em off with the images I say ;P

  14. Nice, I really like the colour flow of the water to the land. Really nice gradient of colour.

  15. Hey nice Christian.
    I use to live up there for 12 years diving and filming stuff. It may look nice but generally the in water horizontal vis is crap for diving and filming underwater due to the wind, tides and swells. Lots of life though and you can get your good blue water days a few times during the year. Its a great place for up top images though. I luv your images, they inspire me to get out and get some more and I have plans to update the old Nikon D70 to a 7D.
    Keep up the great work.

  16. First Paynes Find post up now mate!

    Hope you had a good trip home.



  17. Lovely gentle pictures.

    There’s an exhibition of Ariel photography by Richard Wolendrorp at the Museum of WA at the moment. Worth a look if you are in Perth.

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