just got back

Hi all

Just arrived home from a pretty remarkable 8 days away with some very knowledgeable and creative people. I have just had a huge learning jolt, and am even more excited to make photos. Will fill everyone in soon on what I got up to. Firstly I have to thank Jamie Paterson for organizing such an awesome trip to the Montebellos and Exmouth. We had some fun hey mate!! I will never forget the meal time banter that Larry so loved so much. Cheers buddy.

Also a big thanks to my mate Mark Stothard for putting me up whilst in Perth and coming away on our successful trip to the Wildflower country with David Bettini and our mate Greggie the super corporate lawyer legend come photographer. Thanks guys.

I have had the pleasure, in the past week, to have met two of Australias top creatives, Larry Mitchell, the amazing painter and Les Walkling, the photoshop and colour management guru. These guys are so inspiring and spending time with them was awesome, I’m sure they felt the same about me!! heehee

I will get back to everyones emails and comments as soon as I can this week and hopefully talk about some of the stuff I learnt, it was life changing, well at least photography changing.


~ by christianfletcher on October 2, 2009.

12 Responses to “just got back”

  1. Good to see you back and inspired!

  2. Good for you mate, Les Walkling sounds like someone to spend some time with. look fwd to hearing about it!
    Hope you didn’t eat any fish at the Montebellos??!

  3. awesome… can’t wait to see the results of your inspirational trip 🙂

  4. Inspired Born again Christian looking forward to the photos in the future 🙂

  5. Can you send me a liitle inspiration in a jar, I’d like some of that.

    Had a look at Larry Mitchells work and that sure is some pretty handy work, and it could pay well by the look of it, but it is superb artwork.

  6. Thanks for the great trip CF. I’ve just put up some pics. Can’t wait to see yours!
    Cheers mate.

  7. sounds pretty freakin awesome. ill take some inspiration if its going cheap as well.

  8. It was a pleasure to have you and the guys at home. Indeed Les was very knowledgeable and inspirational and the trip away was a blast.

    Juts goes to show that you can just pack up and go if you wish and look at the fun we had eh!

    The wildflower shot that I will post tomorrow at 2200 will have a few things in there learned from the great Les!!



    • Bloody hell, I’m going to have to go and start all over again Mark, sounds like this is serious.

  9. Hi Christian,

    I must admit Larry certainly opened my eyes to the way I can look at the world. I’ve got a couple of decent photos of you two standing on the bow of the boat trading secrets. I can’t wait to catch up with him and yourself at the art opening. Hopefully at least one of my photos will be up on the wall as well. 🙂

    No problems with the trip either. I’m still getting prices for our next trip on the private jet.


  10. thanks fellas, inspiration can come from the most unlikely places, the secret is to get out there and don’t let an opportunity pass you. Learnt that from Markie, you want to know why he has a 50m boat, thats why!!
    I have had so many great learning experiences in the past 2 weeks I am ready to explode with enthusiasm. Need to find some time now!!

  11. Hey Christian
    Thanks mate for a fantastic trip! I’m so glad to have come along and seen you in action again! You’re a legend – no apparent withdrawals from the “True North”. BTW, did you tell them how many barra you caught that morning?
    You’re right re Markie grabbing opportunities. Wow, he had about 10 cracker shots while I was still getting set up. If it wasn’t him, a bloke could get a bit pissed off.
    Hey, I was also blown away with how you just kept seeing these amazing possibilities in things that were straight in front of me and I never realised. Dooh. Plus, you nailed them straight off whereas I had so many goes at it, even after cheating off you. Oh well. 19 years experience has gotta be worth something, heh?
    cheers, mate!!

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