Throne fit for a King


This was taken in an old hotel in New Norcia. We stopped there for breakfast and I had a sniff around and just loved this scene. It was a bloody good breakfast too. The old hotel was quite spooky and you would have to think haunted. The light was stylized using curves.
Ok it isn’t wildflowers but they will be coming.


~ by christianfletcher on October 4, 2009.

16 Responses to “Throne fit for a King”

  1. Love the curves process you have done CF … Your right that place is a little spooky, but the breakfast makes up for it …

  2. Does look quike spooky and gothic doesn’t it? I didn’t see any ghosts Fletch but I reckon the chief had one stashed in the kitchen. I’ll never think of New Norcia the same again!

  3. Nice mate!

    I would have put money on the fact that you would have posted that one first!



  4. Buckingham Palace ?

    Gee you did get around in 36hrs.

    Anyway no time to chat I’ve scapped my wildflower shot for tonight and started again.

  5. Sensational wallpaper.
    Looking forward to the wildflowers.

  6. Ahhhh that is where I left my throne!

  7. you should put something ghostly in the mirror very subtly…

  8. Ahh that splash of red again, I like it. Boy you must be constantly scanning for anything to fill your CF card with, I love the variation in your images these days, Keeps us wondering what you will come up with next. Keep them coming and I can’t wait to see your take on the Pithara bowling club if it worked out ok. I can remember when that place was the best looked after and up to date bowling club in the area, Ahh how times change.

  9. thanks fellas, yeah the chef looked like he had a few bodies stashed in the freezer, but he could cook alright.
    you know me well Markie!!
    Yep Merv Buckingham Palace!!
    I thought it had Jamie Paterson written all over it!!
    Thought about that Sean
    Pete, I love any image and shooting different stuff keeps it interesting. As for the bowling club, I might have a crack at that now. Thanks for the prompt. Cheers mate.

  10. Thanks for the compliment CF….can’t wait to see what you can do with that bowling club!!

    If it turns out then you are indeed the master as the raw subject matter was a dog!!

    Go for it mate!



  11. Really nice CF. You have a great creative eye. Just need to through a pair of prada shoes or a gucci handbag in the picture and there’s an advertisement ready to go 🙂

  12. Nice work CF, would have liked it the image to have a bit of mist / dust though to add a bit more mood and spookyness to it 🙂

  13. Hi Christian,

    Any ideas when you will be doing next course in Dunsborough? Looking for a good excuse to come down!

  14. I love chairs. They’re like people all with their own quirky personality.

  15. Hey CF
    Nice touch. Looks like it could have been taken in some chateau in Europe. Another lesson!
    Plus I see you have cleverly discharged your obligation to post wildflowers by putting a couple in on the RHS! You ARE the master!!
    cheers, mate

  16. Great shot Christian ,
    Love the processing you have done here with the shadows

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