New Norcia Compilation

preist illust

Whilst I’m on the theme of religion and since we were at New Norcia, a town that seems to have religion at its core I thought I would work up a composite image (thanks Stakky for the inspiration).
All the elements in this image were shot hand held with the 50mm and put together and blended. I love doing this sort of stuff because it really makes you think about how to achieve the results you want. This is for fun, just toying with religion, I think I might become a monk, I hear they are brewing beer these days!! This statue was of a particularly grim looking dude, anyone know who he is??? Doesn’t look friendly. New Norcia is great for photography but if the walls could talk there must be some horror stories that have come out of that place.


~ by christianfletcher on October 6, 2009.

14 Responses to “New Norcia Compilation”

  1. Great job Christian. I went for a visit up to New Norcia at the beginning of the year with a friend from Sydney, and the only shot he came away with was of the rusty tin door which said “bakery” 🙂 But we had a good lunch at the pub!

  2. bakery, mmmm cakes!!!

  3. That’s probably a statue of the founder of the place Dom Salvado or Dom someone or another, some little Spanish guy anyway, that narrow’s it down.

    Could be a figure from The Da Vinchi Code.

  4. I can see a shape that resembles the Virgin Mary.

  5. How long has she had a beard Thomas ? 🙂

  6. I like, well what i think i can see, the layer if writing over the image. Great effect and very creative

  7. Nice image(s) CF. Might not sell in a landscape gallery but I reckon it would make a great book cover – then again if you’re thinking of brewing beer it might make a good label! Looks like you are going all out to win a clean sweep in all genres at the next APPAs – just waiting for a wedding shot to finish off!

  8. You are indeed “Born again Christian”!
    What would KD think of all this!

  9. I think there is a virgin mary weeping what looks to be olive oil or something, maybe blood, I don’t know but you better tell everyone to have a look, buy one and hang it above the mantle piece.
    Beer label not bad Muzz, wedding shot??? don’t hold your breath!
    Dave, Ken would be happy if he thought I had indeed turned back towards the light, I’m still struggling with the darker richer tones I’m afraid! Still there is hope for me yet.

  10. pretty funky

  11. actually from the thumbnail I thought it was Saddam Husein…but I don’t think he has a beard!

  12. he did when they hung him!!!

  13. cool shot, hes probaly the guy that first walked out there, hence not looking happy lol.

  14. I thought I saw a shadow of Michael Jackson in the background. Could just be the beer though. Monks brew that.

    Anyway, I see you had fun with this and that’s important in life.

    I’m not sure why the monks chose that particular font though. Monks are very particular with fonts.


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