~ by christianfletcher on October 6, 2009.

13 Responses to “Tanks”

  1. OK so wheres the story CF!!!

    Can’t recall seeing that tank on our last trip, but knowing you I am sure you found it lurking in the background somewhere!

    An interesting image and very much has a CF stamp on it!



  2. Port Hedland maybe?

  3. Are we going all dark again?

    Time to bring back the lambs !!!!

  4. Nice lighting and colour in this one CF.

  5. Tanks! With a title like that I was expecting something from the Armoured Brigade with a turret! Seriously nice image, I like architectural simplicity of the structure in the image and the colours, industrial. Could get you yet another Gold.

  6. Very nice CF… looks like a really clean and uncluttered architectural arty image. I like the dark sky and the bright red ramps.

  7. cool shot- but feeling ripped off with lack of story 😛
    and you’ve gone and got Merv all worked up….

  8. boys this is a top secret location, can’t talk about it!!
    matt sorry mate, if I knew someone with a tank I’d shoot it, not literally!!
    I like the architectural nature of this too.
    Sorry there isn’t a story Stephen, I have taken an oath of silence.

  9. Nice job Christian.

  10. Ah Varanus island. Or somewhere in the Montes.

  11. Nice shot. Think as the tank as a person and there’s a story!

  12. So are these tanks on Varanus or are they the new Condensate tanks on the Pluto project??

  13. sorry guys, all top secret can’t say where they are!! hehe

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