Dampier Salt

dampier salt

Even in the ugliest industrial wasteland there is beauty. I’m not talking about Karratha either, that is still ugly!! These salt ponds from the air are breathtaking.


~ by christianfletcher on October 14, 2009.

13 Responses to “Dampier Salt”

  1. Richard Woldendorp would be proud of ya! Really stunning CF. I really like this shot a whole lot!

  2. Great layers CF, very nice.

  3. Wow. A surreal feeling about this. And a colour palette extraordaire.

  4. thanks guys, would be nice to get in the air to shoot this scene, when we flew into Karratha from Exmouth last week with Jamie Paterson, my bro and Larry Mitchell we were frothing over it. Only wish we had a heli whilst we were in Karratha.

  5. Great photo Christian, the contrast between the blues and oranges is very striking.

  6. I’m with David, Richard would be proud. You’re right getting into the air a bit would’ve been nice. Great balance, it just works, a good image for canvas!

  7. Striking blend of colours alright.

    Nice !

  8. Looks like a soil profile. Liking the lines and pattern

  9. You didn’t tell them about all the cars tooting us. I got some pretty cool shots from that spot as well. I can’t wait until you Mike and I head up to the Montes again next year on Allan’s boat.


  10. Great pic CF. The sky is fantastic, love the contrast in the colours. Looks like the sunny’s were a must 🙂

  11. Ripper shot. Refreshing

  12. great shot- got some nice sky, especially clouds!

  13. I like! the contrast and the clouds work well!

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