holly hits Batman, it’s 300k

Thanks everyone for checking out the blog, just had a look at my stats and found I had ticked over the 300 mark. I thought I would post some of the other stats from my site;

Busiest day – 11,658
Posts – 418
Comments – 6,156
The top 4 clicks from my site to another (in order) – Stakky, Jamie Paterson, Dylan Fox and Spool photography
Top post – Hot Nikon News 12,747 views
Funniest Search Term – Tom Putt poof, Fletchers make stuff, Porn star Peter Lik
Clicks from my blog to Mervs – 380

All interesting stuff, and funny Stakky came out on top of links clicked on from my blog, must be the generation Y that no how to do all this internet stuff. I think when he turns 18 he owes me a beer, actually Stakky senior I’ll have a carton of Redback please, and not the mild either, don’t get cheap on me. I need the real deal!

Thanks for continuing to come to my blog, it has been a hoot and I have made some pretty cool friendships from it. Sounds pretty sad doesn’t it, …..how did you meet that guy?, ah off the internet!!! Yeah ok, ahh, great weather today,………

Mark Stothard has suggested we all get together for a massive pizza night at his place sometime soon to celebrate blogdom and all the cool things we love about photography, will keep you posted on that one. The poor bugger is currently in Miami, heading to Trinidad putting together a massive boat order for Austal. The guy gets around. He says he can make 45 pizzas an hour in his pizza oven. Going on his track record you would have to believe it.

Also it has only taken just over 3 months to go from 200,000 hits to 300,000 hits. Not that I’m counting!!!


~ by christianfletcher on October 18, 2009.

52 Responses to “holly hits Batman, it’s 300k”

  1. Nice work Fletch ! Does the blogdom get together include Mark rounding up us interstaters on one of his boats so we can join in the frivolities of 45pizzas in 60minutes with Stakky seniors carton of redbacks ?


  2. sure does Tony, you can get on for a few trips from Melbourne to Perth, should only set you back a 200k. Small change. Alternatively get on a Jetstar cheapie and feast on the guiness book of world record pizza production. It will be a good night putting faces to the names. Sorry the Redbacks are all mine!!

  3. Nice work CF! 100k views in 3 months is a fair amount haha.

  4. Well done Fletch, It’s been a pleasure.

  5. Well done CF… Shows that you post some interesting and inspiring stuff.

  6. Congrats on the milestone Christian!

  7. Hey CF, how about celebrating the 300k by giving the next 10 posters (myself included) a year’s free subscription to this blog 🙂

  8. 3rd… not bad!
    mate your blog is gatherin some serious traffic! Congrats and keep it up!

  9. congrats on your milestone.
    looking forward to many many more

  10. That’s interesting stuff, knew I’d be in there somewhere.

    You come out as the top click on my site , how strange is that !!

    I can’t make head nor tail of some of the stat’s they list , seem to make no sense at all.

  11. WOW 418 CF posts, go make up with the wife 🙂

    Seriously though, congratualtions Christian, you have created a real photographic community here, and that’s no small achievement.

    Keep it up and we’ll all be joining the AICF (Australian Institute of Cristian Fletcher) …

  12. Great work fletch, by my calculation I will be celebrating the same milestone in 33 years and 4 months.

  13. Congrats mate, they are some impressive numbers. I’m tracking at similar levels on my blog, the only difference is a few 0’s…..well, a few more than a few zeros to be honest.

  14. haha. I beat you Dylan. lol.

  15. oh the joys of being rich and famous! Yeah I also noticed my stats are the same just missing a few zero’s?? Must be a bug in the system!

    Look forward to the pizza night – I’ll bring beer!

  16. I heard Beer and Pizza, so here I am ….

    Congrats on the 300k …. Next milestone is the biggie … 1 mil …

    Your should turn this wordpress hosted blog into a domain hosted blog and make some coin out of it with that kind of traffic …
    Most of my click through traffic to another domain is to Mr Hille which is also my biggest referrer ….

  17. Interestingly enough 3033 of my referrals are from Mr Spool who is almost more than double the next person with 1610 referrals.

    Thanks Mr Spool. 🙂

    • I get zip from your blog thought 😦

      • @ spool. Really that is weird. I was thinking that perhaps it had something to do with positioning on the links column but then you would be mid way on Kirks as well. I’ll have a look at how he has got you set up and see if I can’t change something. Obviously if I’m getting that sort of traffic from you I’d like to do the same in return.

        Stay tuned! 🙂


  18. Well done Christian.

  19. Hey Fletch, awesome milestone and still counting.
    All those that own iTNFP t shirts on the night get free entry and beer all night!
    Congrats Adrian

  20. @ Mr Patterson … I wouldn’t stress about it, I don’t

  21. Youdaman mate…well done and yes for sure you have been an inspiration to many in photographers out there both in bog world as well as through your tutorial sessions.

    I am a product of that inspiration and for that I thank you.

    Yep pizza night is on and we will set the date on my return. I promised Neal that we would wait till his return, so Neal…let me know when that is. I am not back until Tuesday week in any case, so we will do it before I depart for PNG with Rod I reckon which is on the 13 of November.

    Once I here back from Neal I will select a date and let you al;l know.



  22. That is blog world sorry…its late give me a break!!

  23. Congrats on 300,000 Christian , 1million should come pretty quick .
    Seems like only yesterday when this community only started .
    My biggest Referal is Spool with over 3,000 just from him , he also my biggest outgoing link

  24. How does this referral thing work ?

    Could it be that most of the referrals and outgoings are just poeple looking at each others blogs rather than outsiders clicking a link onto another blog ?

    • If I click a link on my blog links to say you site Merv, it counts as a hit from my site to yours etc …. But if I click a link on you blog to MY site it does NOT count. The blogs do not count your own hits to your own site UNLESS your not logged in and have cleared cookies …..

      Hmm cookies …. Back in 10 I saw a cookie shop down the road 😉

      I do use my blog links and cruise down the list a few times a week to see what the list is up to …

  25. To all that want to join the pizza night here is the plan.

    I want to limit it to about 50 if possible, so first in best dressed!

    The date is the 6th of November and if you are interested, email me at mark@northstarcruises.com.au with your email contact details and phone numbers.

    I will then start a draft email and when I close the invites, I will then send out the details of the address and how to get there to all at once.

    CF can you confirm the 6th is OK with you for about 1900 hrs?



  26. Cheers Mark, I’ve emailed you! Muzz

  27. Congrats mr Fletcher. I think i would probably count for about a quarter of your blog hits! So you realise you are gonna have to return the favour now.. well at least help me to 150. 🙂
    Anyway.. keep the awesome pics coming mate!

  28. Good on you Christian. Everytime I read your blog I get inspired to start doing my own…but then I get sidetracked!!!!

  29. eyyyy!!! first link! and guess what: i just hit 20 000! celebration all around!! beers for all! (BYO)

  30. Holy cr@p dude – you’ve come a long way since these days :-): http://web.archive.org/web/20020809022459/www.christianfletcher.com.au/pages/frameprof.html

    Gotta love the internet – it remembers everything!

  31. Nice one muzz, classic!


    Good one muzz what laugh.

  33. nice muzz!! look at that short haired turkey on the front page!!

  34. Well done CF!!! Thats some serious hits on your blog!! Keep up the good work!!

  35. Muzz, how do you find this stuff ??, at that stage when that photo was taken I wasn’t married and had no kids, no grey hair or pot belly. Ah age does funny things to a person. That was from about 10 years ago and the first time I ever had a buzz cut.

  36. Nice work Muzz…it doesn’t even look like the Christian of today!

    Then I guess I don’t look much like my earlier self either these days!



  37. man you need to show me you you do that Muzz

  38. good looking rooster hey!! thanks for pulling out all my hero shots, I’ll have to get a pic of you at the pizza night drunk with pizza crumbs all over your shirt as revenge!

    • Hehe – wouldn’t be the worst photo I’ve had taken! As long as the horizon is level, so don’t forget to bring your tripod 🙂

  39. you talking about my dog Fuji Merv??? He gets groomed at the doggie hairdresser once every two years. Like me!!!

    • If your talking Batman I reckon you look like Robin in that earlier picture.

      You could be 007 Bond in the later picture and Fuji is your blond !!!!!

  40. That Figures!

  41. Great stuff Christian! I think it’s great that pro photographers like yourself get involved in the scene and interact, inspire and pass on tips to others and amateurs like myself 🙂

    Keep it up!

  42. Thanks for the comment Jase, we are all important in this great big world of photography and what I get most out of the whole game is the satisfaction of meeting people and sharing this awesome passion we have. No point being up there alone on your high horse. No fun in that. You coming to the pizza night?

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