Pizza night @ Marks place

Hi all

I guess you have heard about the pizza night Mark and I are putting on at his place. Free Pizza, byo beer and other drinks. We have only 50 spots available to the general blogging community, all are welcome but get in early. I think 30 spots are gone already. It is just an idea to get everyone together and meet the faces behind the names. Imagine meeting Merv, that is worth every bit of free pizza you can eat. Send an email to to let him know you want to come. The date is the 6th of November, a friday night at 7pm. He might have an extra special thing to talk about too and believe me you won’t want to miss the announcement. It is still secret squirrel stuff so don’t tell anyone else.


~ by christianfletcher on October 20, 2009.

19 Responses to “Pizza night @ Marks place”

  1. Where does mark actually live ? he seems to move around that much i’m not sure.

    Cheers Pete.

  2. ummm CF, 7th November is a Saturday … I think you mean the 6th November 🙂

  3. No he means the Saturday cause I will still be there partying on !!!!

    Hey fletch can you organise Qynn for the night .

  4. This is like 10 minutes from my place :)!!!

  5. haha already met Merv!!

    where is this gig? be cool to meet some of you wahoos!
    so… is a 15’er welcome?

  6. Don’t know what I’m doing with my dates at the moment, I must be losing my marbles! I have changed the date, it is the 6th! Thanks Graham

    Sure Stakky you can come because your famous, you can bring Stakky Senior if you like. No beer for you though!!

    Merv, good idea mate but qynn costs more than pizza so it is just pizza. Sorry!!

  7. G’day Christian, Adam Monk here. i’ve just discovered your blog and this amazing community that has developed around it and you, and i thought i would just congratulate you on this and your fantastic work! you really are a great ambassador for the whole photographic community and i look forward to seeing and hearing more and perhaps being a small part of it. I’d love to come for the pizza night, but I’ll be in South America…

  8. Hi Adam, welcome to the community mate. It has been going for just short of 2 years now and has really been a lot of fun. Well most of the time, had a few melt downs over it and the huge amount of work it has become. Still it is nice to promote photography and get like minded people together. To bad about the pizza night, we will have another I am sure. Enjoy South America.

  9. Put me down please, am due to fly back to work on the 5th but will fake my own death to be there.

  10. Id love to come, but unless baby can come too, Im stuck here at home!! I hope you guys have fun!! Cheers!!

  11. All good CF…we have a good mix already!Cheers,


  12. Where is it?

  13. Sorry guys, can’t make it – will be overseas. Have fun and thanks again to Mark for his generosity.

  14. yeh where is it and is a 18 year old welcome? would love to finally meet some of you guys!

  15. I’m assuming Mark’s place is the one in Eagle Bay, sadly way to far to travel for a night out and no time to take the weekend off for a trip down south (unless there’s a helicopter pickup from Mindarie 😉 ) 😦

    Would have loved to come along though, sounds like it’s going to be a great night.

    Shameless plug time:
    My new web site / gallery is live ( and we’ve started doing some market stalls at local events as well, so keep an eye on my blog ( for where we’ll be and when if you’re around the northern suburbs of Perth.

  16. shameless plug I’d say too mate, but hell thats what this community is about. Dave it is at Marks house in Perth. Send him an email and he will give you the address. Cheers

  17. Thanks Christian, I always feel a little guilty plugging myself on your blog, but hey you’re rich and famous so you can handle it 😉

  18. Ryan I just turned 24 this week lol think there is a few youngins on here?? 😛 Marks place on a big block? the houses out there are farms 🙂

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