The Concrete Jungle

man removed

You never know when a shot will present itself. At the beginning of this week Michael and I had to go to present work in Perth to a company we have been dealing with. We had a quick tour of their new premises in the city. I thought how can people do this every day. How can they live in a totally manmade, cold, concrete nightmare. Looking out of the window I spotted an interesting view. I love shooting down on a subject and cities do make great subject matter. Still would you want to be this guy. Where is he going, what is his life like, is he a good bloke or a mongrel. Is he happy with his life. Most of all, has he seen Merv’s latest windmill pic??? I think I have my first “fine art” piece. So many questions, so much emotion, so much wonder, does anyone really know Merv??? Find out at the pizza night!!


~ by christianfletcher on October 23, 2009.

17 Responses to “The Concrete Jungle”

  1. Neat image, Christian. At first, from the thumb, I thought it was a black and white, but then I noticed the subtle strips of colour popping out in the larger version.

  2. Intresting Photo Christian. I like the Desaturated tones and the lighting. The picture has a kind of gritty feel to it, i like it.

  3. Nice, a bit different for you shooting in the big smoke for a change – or little smoke I should say. Not tempted to give up the country for the city then??

  4. Now you are looking with all your eyes! Great view and shot and timing, i can’t really do shots like that in Tassie!

  5. Could that be just one Beatle ?

    If he has seen my latest windmill picture on my blog he would still be overcome with emotion.

    Or is he just annoyed that he hasn’t been invited to the “WORLDS BIGGEST PIZZA NIGHT”

    Ah so many questions.

    And as Salvadore Dali once said ” the answer is seven ” !!!

  6. Cool image Christian and I know what you are getting at. I like the title on the image. haha

  7. Really nice image CF. I really like the subtle tones and colour. Life in a concrete jungle is ok, especially when you get to leave it behind each day.

  8. Poignant image – don’t get to the city much but when I do I look forward to getting out again. I like the way all the lines lead to the man-removed.

    By the way, I think I know that guy. His name is Howie and he’s Peter Lik’s stockbroker. He’s on his way to the CES because he advised Liky to put his last squillion into Canon stocks “cos Fletcher is right into them” – Liky just found out you’ve gone to Epson and are looking hard at Nikon….;-)

  9. I don’t know who’s got the best sense of humour Muzz or Merv?
    Interesting and spooky pic Christian.

  10. Poor bugger is slaving away to achieve the dream….. we live it!

  11. Interesting image that you’ve posted. For most of my photographic life I’ve concentrated on creating landscape/nature images, but lately I’ve been loving doing “street” photography. I think street photography allows you to put alot of your personality into the image, for instance, the questions you pose at the end of your post.

    Great stuff – thanks for sharing.

  12. i like it cause i hate it.
    To be stuck in a city block… ergh…

  13. Careful CF you might be becoming an Artist!!

    That could bring out even more emotion from you…can’t have you crying now can we!!

    Nice pic mate.



  14. great photo and great commentary. awesome stuff.

  15. Love the pic!! Merv and Muzz you make me laugh!! Nice work CF!!

  16. Awesome, working in Mldland I rarely get to see the worst of the City but remember it well. Now I just get to see uniqueness of Midland…
    A fine art print for sure, should get you another gold I reckon.

  17. Now I feel miserable. 😦

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